Gears of War 2: Review But No Spoilers

I got the game at Gamestop for the midnight release and went home and played it for about five hours. Five hours well spent. Who needs sleep when a game is built this well. The graphics and detail are insane. In all reality I thought the game would be terrible after seeing Bungie fail on Halo 3 and the new CoD: WaW beta being terrible.

There are a few new guns. While I don’t exactly agree with these guns being placed in the multiplayer maps, they are both fun, and put into use well in the campaign. The new grenades are pretty cool, they improved your smoke grenade to give it a little suprise boost. I’m not going to say anymore about that so that you are able to discover it yourself. Hopefully on the sending end over the receiving.

They also added some new multiplayer modes that are a lot of fun. The modes let you play many more things than warzone, annex, and execution. The new maps aren’t as good as I hoped, but maybe I’ll grow to love them.

This game is definitely a buy whether you’ve never played Gears of War or you just want to continue the campaign to learn the story. Good luck.

There will be a more in depth review coming soon when people are more willing to read about it and not so worried about giving away any spoilers.


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