Fable II Fails Launch

They couldn’t even prepare the game for a decent launch. One would expect a game as highly anticipated as this to be something that would knock our socks off out of the box. There are some major issues going on with the game freezing. It’s hitting forums and blogs now, mere hours into the release of the game. There is a way to avoid, or fix the fable 2 freezing issues.

It is reported that if you have downloaded the co-op patch for the game, you will most likely encounter some freezing problems requiring you to restart your xbox, and lose any progress made since your last save. If you downloaded the patch, go into your dashboard and delete it, and don’t download it again. It’s not going to guarantee that your game won’t freeze, but from what I’ve been reading there are few if any occurances of freezing without the patch.

Let’s see how this plays out. I sense free ‘apology’ content will be coming for you guys in the near future. Maybe just themes or avatars, but we’ll have to see. Hopefully that co-op gets up and running soon as it’s a huge part of the game. PS3 fans keep laughing.


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  1. Bogdan Radu Says:

    Great post, thank you!

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