Halo Wars Demo Video

The creators of Halo Wars have just released a demo of the game. I suggest you check it out. It will either excite you, or make you wonder what the hell is happening to this franchise.

Halo Wars Demo

Not to be a downer, but the Halo fan base is an FPS fan base. This game will not be much fun, if any, for the majority of these players. Personally, I think this game looks stupid. I don’t want to go around building buildings, placing marines, and operating missions, I want to be the guy going in there and shouting BOOM HEADSHOT consistantly throughout the game.

There are people who like these kinds of games, I just can’t forsee myself and many other Halo fans blowing $60 on this. Even if we hate Call of Duty, we make pick up a used version of CoD WaW instead of this.


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