The New Marketplace

With these new updates we will see a much needed change to the Xbox Live Marketplace. As it is now, I can’t even find games I’m interested in buying due to the difficultly of navigating the marketplace. All I have to go by is a short little description of the game, and I can’t even see the price of the game without clicking on it.

While I’m not sure if the price clarity is fixed, they have certainly made it much easier for us to navigate through the games and to find some new ones that look fun. You can also quickly access trailers, footage, and other things for these games very easily. Again, it’s not specified whether it requires a download or not.

The update will improve many things. I am not sure what the hold up is. They have so many screenshots of all different aspects of the updates that they look like they are complete. I’ve heard release dates in November though.


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