Battlefield Bad Company Free Maps

Available today through Playstation update or tomorrow through Xbox Live Marketplace, you can get the newest four maps for BBC multiplayer for free. Gears of War, Halo, Call of Duty, and many other games require you to pay 1,600 Microsoft Points, or $20. Are they trying to lure some players back to battlefield with the Call of Duty WaW and GoW2 releases so close or are they simply passing up the chance at making an additional $20 per gamer.

They are single player maps voted on by you the players to become multiplayer maps. They are at least worth checking out since they are free, and I believe that was the intention. I’ve yet to play BBC as I didn’t like the previous battlefield, so you guys will have to take advantage of this free map pack without me.


CoD WaW Beta Review

So I finally managed to get my hands on one of those Call of Duty: World at War beta codes and got a chance to play it. While I was utterly surprised about the fullness of the beta, it also gave me a whole list of reasons as to why this game isn’t going to make it into my collection.

First of all, I bought the code for $1.00 on an internet forum. So to get a chance to play the game for $1.00 was worth it to me. It could save me $60 or convince me of why I should spend $60 to buy it. The demo lets you play the entire online play as if the game had already launched. All the things you could expect. Custom kits, leaderboards, challenges, and even ranks. I didn’t get too far up, but I hadn’t reached a point where something wasn’t available because it was the demo.

I played one game mode that was new to the game. It was some battle game where you take over areas of the map. Both opposing teams are attacking the same point at once. If one team controls it then they will move to their opponents next place. If they control that on to the final opponents base. Teams can regain them by controlling them. It’s hard to explain, but it was a great game idea I thought.

So game one of that I was thinking, ‘hey this game is sick!’ In fact, I sent a text to my gamer friend, 1337 gamer actually, saying the game was intense. At first glance the games intense. What really makes a game worth buying is hours, days, months down the road when you’ve been playing it daily.

A few games later I started to realize that airstrikes not only happened rather frequently, but were increased massively in power. It made it so that you are basically dead. I like the balance of the CoD4 airstrike, but this was just terrible. Then I started to hear these dogs barking. They were chasing after me. I shot one, oh sweet, 3 points for killing a dog. Well when the dogs are spawn camping you and you can’t get away you realize how terribly programmed they were.

The weapons were all fine, the maps that I got a chance to play on were pretty good. The sniper rifles were, in my mind, terrible. A single shot, forever reloading, gun should have enough power to kill in a single shot. To more than just the head. I mean really, when the sniper is hard enough to shoot with the life like non-steady hands and the moving, even running, soldiers it’s pretty hard to get a headshot for the average player.

Personally, I’ll wait for CoD6 to come out before investing in another Call of Duty game. That’s if I don’t decide to switch back from GoW2 to Halo. What are your opinions of the beta (or game depending upon when you read this)? Some additions or changes you especially like or dislike?

BioShock 2 Heading for PC and PS3 (as well as 360)

BioShock 2 is going to be released on the PC and PS3. This may not be good news for all the pro-xbox fans, but in my mind, it’s going to do nothing but help the gaming industry. That’s what it’s all about. Getting them more money so they can get us more, better games.

There was no indication as to differing release dates, so one could assume they will all be released on the same day. The only thing here that I’m worried about is whether or not this game can live up to the expectations of the die hard fans. I’ve even heard there’s a BioShock movie. Score one for 2k games.

Fable II Fails Launch

They couldn’t even prepare the game for a decent launch. One would expect a game as highly anticipated as this to be something that would knock our socks off out of the box. There are some major issues going on with the game freezing. It’s hitting forums and blogs now, mere hours into the release of the game. There is a way to avoid, or fix the fable 2 freezing issues.

It is reported that if you have downloaded the co-op patch for the game, you will most likely encounter some freezing problems requiring you to restart your xbox, and lose any progress made since your last save. If you downloaded the patch, go into your dashboard and delete it, and don’t download it again. It’s not going to guarantee that your game won’t freeze, but from what I’ve been reading there are few if any occurances of freezing without the patch.

Let’s see how this plays out. I sense free ‘apology’ content will be coming for you guys in the near future. Maybe just themes or avatars, but we’ll have to see. Hopefully that co-op gets up and running soon as it’s a huge part of the game. PS3 fans keep laughing.

Readers Thoughts on Fabel 2?

Hoping to get some of my readers to participate in threads other than the main one or two that are getting traffic, I’ll open this post up to you.

Fable 2 recently released and it’s been one of the more highly hyped games. I personally, am not even considering buying the game, yet some of my friends seem to think it is going to be one of the best games this fall.

Whether you have the game, or are planning to buy it, tell me why it’s a game worth buying. As for those of you agreeing with me, tell us why you don’t want it.

PSPs are Sweet

So I just bought a used PSP today with a bunch of games. I’ve tried a few, and have come to the conclusion that I should have boughten one of these months ago. It’s so much fun to play. The only downside to it would be the controlls are a bit hard to opperate, but I am sure I can get used to it. Over the next few weeks I’ll definitely let you guys know some of the different mods there are, as well as reviews of some of these 15 or so games I have.

Keep in mind, the rumors for a new version of the PSP have been floating around for close to four or five months. Buy carefully, there are plenty of them for sale that are used and will work just fine.

Halo Wars Demo Video

The creators of Halo Wars have just released a demo of the game. I suggest you check it out. It will either excite you, or make you wonder what the hell is happening to this franchise.

Halo Wars Demo

Not to be a downer, but the Halo fan base is an FPS fan base. This game will not be much fun, if any, for the majority of these players. Personally, I think this game looks stupid. I don’t want to go around building buildings, placing marines, and operating missions, I want to be the guy going in there and shouting BOOM HEADSHOT consistantly throughout the game.

There are people who like these kinds of games, I just can’t forsee myself and many other Halo fans blowing $60 on this. Even if we hate Call of Duty, we make pick up a used version of CoD WaW instead of this.