Xbox Live Down Time

Microsoft was kind enough to message us to tell us that Xbox Live will be down on Monday for some updates. Basically, the dashboard update is going to be taking place. What else could it be? So you’ll have to suffer through a day of no live. Look at it this way, you can finally beat the single player mode of the game you’ve been playing for months.

With the update I’m sure they’ll be adding more servers to prepare for the launch of Gears of War 2 and Call of Duty World at War. Those two hit titles launch four days apart. Think of all the players that will be online for the entire month of November.


360 Loses to Wii, Beats PS3

Earlier this week, Enterbrain published the recent hardware sales figures for Japan, with the Xbox 360 surpassing both the Wii and PS3 in weekly sales ending September 14. Today, we hear of the numbers from Media Create. Turns out pigs weren’t flying after all. Probably just a hop and a skip for the pigs – not flying. According to Media Create’s data, the Xbox 360 did outsell the PS3 for the previous week, however, it didn’t have enough to beat the Wii – the 360 was actually just shy of a thousand in sales.

Here are Mediat Create’s numbers:

DS Lite: 63,859 PSP: 30,156

Wii: 29,686

Xbox 360: 28,188

PS3: 8,053

PS2: 7,669

Well, whether or not the Xbox 360 did beat the Wii, the fact of the matter is that the 360 sold above and beyond what the PS3 did. The spike is there no matter whose chart you look at – Enterbrain’s or Media Create’s.

Actually, Microsoft’s console had much oomph into it this week – thanks to a) that new 60GB model, b) a pricecut across all Xbox 360 SKUs, c) stock replenishment, and d) Square Enix’s Infinite Undiscovery – that it’s already up there rubbing elbows with the PSP’s numbers too. Over at Media Create’s software charts, we also see some substantial movement. The top four titles are actually debuting games – entering the charts for the first time and getting high ranks at the get go:

Pokemon Platinum (Nintendo): 963,273

Quiz Magic Academy DS (Konami): 119,134

Infinite Undiscovery (Square Enix): 90,288

One Piece Unlimited Cruise: Episode 1 (Namco Bandai): 61,009

Rhythm Tengoku Heaven (Nintendo): 55,772

Halo 4 Rumors Return

The rumors keep coming back. There is inevitably going to be a Halo 4, but it’s not a matter of when this thing is released that is the most important right now. As many of you gamers are aware, Bungie left Microsoft to start their own company. With the seperation they lose the rights to the Halo franchise.

What good could the game be without it’s creators? It’s the fourth game in the series, and they just lost all their staff. The game is being supposedly being handed over to a good company in Gearbox, creators of the Brothers in Arms series, but they game will not be the same.

What could they do to possibly keep Halo 4 at the same level of Halo 2? Even making the game as good as Halo 3 (worse than Halo 2 in my opinion) would be a success. They can’t go overboard on the graphics because that’s not Halo. If they look too human like in Gears of War the setting wouldn’t feel right. They need to get the gravity, proportions, and most of all, weapon powers as accurately as they can to what we are used to.

Halo 4 will bring something new to the table. We can probably expect many things that are not part of the game to be introduced this late into the series. Anything with Halo is worth a purchase, but how long we play the game is a whole different factor. Let’s hope that Gearbox is capable if these rumors are true.

Xbox 360 Price Cuts and Deals

Just last week Microsoft announced a price cut on the already successful Xbox 360. This could have been a move to secure their lead against Sony’s PS3 or simply a move to sell more consoles. The arcade version sells for $200, but it doesn’t include a hard drive. The 60gb Pros are $300. The elite’s with the 120gb hard drive are only $400.

If you are going out to buy a new system, why not get an extra $15-$20 out of it, as well as some quality cheap games? Circuit City is offering a free 1,600 Microsoft Points card with each new consoles purchase. You can also get GRAW2, Saints Row, and Dead Rising for only $15.

Playstations: Home

I don’t know why this game is getting so much hype. I mean look at it. It’s the same principal as Second Life, The Sims, and many other clones of these games, but with less features. Granted this is probably the first to make a more RPG type of game for online play.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it is. To me, this game looks terrible. The features are definitely lacking. What it did for me was show us and the game designers that something like this can be made. I mean if they could do this on the Playstation live it should have no problems making a game like this a practical thought for Xbox Live.

Anyways, like I said, there isn’t much to this game. You can Interact, communicate, join online games, shop, share private content and even build and show off your own personal spaces to others in realtime. Your personal space is your apartment that you are given to decorate as you like and invite people into it.

If you like Sims, Second Life, or RPG related games (nonviolent ones) then this game may be worth checking the reviews for after its release. It has fewer features than other games, but if you aren’t fortunate enough to have a decent gaming PC then this could be the greatest game in the world.

I personally would spend the money on trying WoW or The Sims because this sort of game is lacking features.