Shadowrun: A Worthy FPS Purchase

There are so many different video games out there. Even when you narrow it down to a genre, such as first person shooters, it’s still hard to find the right games. If you’re sick and tired of playing the same fps game you’ve been playing for months, I have a great suggestion for a game that you may have never even considered before.

Shadowrun was released back in the midst of the Gears of War, Halo 2, and Rainbow 6 Vegas era. Launched against so many widely popular competitors caused you to probably not take notice. There was the demo where you could play online with others to get a feel for the game, but that alone didn’t cause much of a stir. The game was slowly forgotten until just recently when Gamestop marked the price for the game down to $15 used.

That’s when I decided to pick it up. My first impressions were, this game seems a little childish for FPS. The graphics aren’t meant to look realalistic like in Gears of War, rather they are given a more simple, computer programmed look. Another thing I took a quick notice of was the different ways you can use your experience to your advantage. You can choose one of four characters. Each has their own perks and downfalls. Then there are a bunch of different magic and technology perks you can buy to help your character. As you learn how to mesh, and use these effectively you will be able to start dominating your opponents.

Unlike Halo and Call of Duty, your experience shows and helps you in your matches. In other games it’s mostly about who can grab the weapon that controls the map first, or who is using the cheap noob tactics to kill you. When you’re good at this game you will be a presence in the game, and you can be the difference between a win and a loss.


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