Yahoo is a Noob, Sony Beats Microsoft My Ass

“That wasn’t all, though. Sony’s press conference rolled out a set of game trailers that had fans cheering: a new God of War game on PS3, a vast-looking massive action game named MAG, and a couple of promising superhero games: one massively-multiplayer title based on the DC superhero universe, and one futuristic, open-city game from the Sly Cooper studio. It’s a great selection, and one that leaves Microsoft’s roster of Gears of War 2 and Fable II looking a little tired.”

They had a catchy title to draw me in. Instantly reading the title I knew I’d be making fun of them in this blog post. “Sony Leads the Gaming Console Battle” was staring me in the face when I went to sign into my Yahoo email. Sony leads the console battle?

I click the article interested in what they are thinking. Now they change their mind. Now they say both Sony and Microsoft impress while Nintendo doesn’t. That’s when I start reading it. Hey, Sony now has movies! Great, the Xbox 360 has had that for almost two years now. Amazing, their online play is supposed to be better! The Xbox 360’s is still better, and has more players. Then the ultimate killer in all disputes between the two system I’ve ever seen. Can you believe it? Yahoo is the first place I’ve ever read somebody claiming better games are on the PS3!

That’s including forums, blogs, and gaming news shows. Nobody sides with the PS3, ever. It’s hard enough for PS3 owners to defend their purchase. When God of War and MAG outsell Gears of War 2, let me know. Gears of War 2 is the most anticipated game, ever. I don’t think there is a single fps gamer out there not looking to get their hands on this. Squeeky eight year olds, to college students, to you old pedifiles.

This is the biggest pile of biased crap I’ve ever read on Yahoo. A desperate cry from a Yahoo fan, DON’T REPORT ON GAMING. Leave that to me, you guys don’t know jack.


One Response to “Yahoo is a Noob, Sony Beats Microsoft My Ass”

  1. Andrew Rodgers Says:

    Yahoo def is a noob, but I don’t know about the whole sony thing? Microsoft owns any single buz out there. Except Rewards! ha (wouldn’t get it sorry) Shadow Lair of Gamers/a>

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