Rock Band Adds Nine Inch Nail Songs to Downloadable Content

Today it was announced by Harmonix and MTV games that both Nine Inch Nails and Shinedown songs will be added to the list of Rock Band’s downloadable content. They will be available for you to download on July 22nd. Each track will cost you 160 Microsoft Points ($1.99) or all 3 of them for 440 Microsoft Points ($5.49).

Nine Inch Nails 3-pack


“Capital G”


Shinedown will add several songs as well. Each of these songs will be available for 160 Microsoft Points.



“Junkies For Fame”


Yahoo is a Noob, Sony Beats Microsoft My Ass

“That wasn’t all, though. Sony’s press conference rolled out a set of game trailers that had fans cheering: a new God of War game on PS3, a vast-looking massive action game named MAG, and a couple of promising superhero games: one massively-multiplayer title based on the DC superhero universe, and one futuristic, open-city game from the Sly Cooper studio. It’s a great selection, and one that leaves Microsoft’s roster of Gears of War 2 and Fable II looking a little tired.”

They had a catchy title to draw me in. Instantly reading the title I knew I’d be making fun of them in this blog post. “Sony Leads the Gaming Console Battle” was staring me in the face when I went to sign into my Yahoo email. Sony leads the console battle?

I click the article interested in what they are thinking. Now they change their mind. Now they say both Sony and Microsoft impress while Nintendo doesn’t. That’s when I start reading it. Hey, Sony now has movies! Great, the Xbox 360 has had that for almost two years now. Amazing, their online play is supposed to be better! The Xbox 360’s is still better, and has more players. Then the ultimate killer in all disputes between the two system I’ve ever seen. Can you believe it? Yahoo is the first place I’ve ever read somebody claiming better games are on the PS3!

That’s including forums, blogs, and gaming news shows. Nobody sides with the PS3, ever. It’s hard enough for PS3 owners to defend their purchase. When God of War and MAG outsell Gears of War 2, let me know. Gears of War 2 is the most anticipated game, ever. I don’t think there is a single fps gamer out there not looking to get their hands on this. Squeeky eight year olds, to college students, to you old pedifiles.

This is the biggest pile of biased crap I’ve ever read on Yahoo. A desperate cry from a Yahoo fan, DON’T REPORT ON GAMING. Leave that to me, you guys don’t know jack.

E3 Microsoft Announcements

Today was a fun filled day for those of us who are Xbox 360 gamers. During the two and a half hour long session on G4 we learned many exciting things to come for the Xbox 360. I will list a few of the major points, feel free to add comments with other things you enjoyed hearing about.

Games, this is obviously the biggest reason to watch the show. We got to see some intense Gears of War 2 footage. We saw plenty of new guns, new techniques, and of course the new graphics. I’ll have to get that trailer up here tomorrow. We saw the announcement of Fable 2, some news about Guitar Hero: World Tour, Final Fantasy XIII coming to the Xbox 360, and Rockband 2. These alone would have made me happy. They also announced a few suppossedly amazing arcade games that are coming out. I’m not much for them, so go research them if you wish to learn about them.

Dashboard is getting an update. We will now get avatars much like the Wii. They changed the whole community concept as well as the friends and party abilities. It is something you’d have to watch the video preview to understand fully. It’s coming later this fall, and is supposed to make our time much more fun when we aren’t even playing games.

Lastly there were the new partnerships. They partnered with a few bigger programs like NBC to get some new movies and tv shows onto the downloadable content. The biggest of which was the Netflix partnership. We can soon download over 10,000+ movies straight to our 360’s for free with our Netflix account. No more waiting a week to get them mailed to us.

E3 Live

Just a quick announcement. The E3 convention is where all the biggest news and ideas are brought to life. We can expect to see some new things from some of the top video games coming out over the next year or two. There just might be some sort of information given out about the new Playstation handheld that has been a rumor for a few weeks now. We also might be lucky enough to learn something about the new Xbox speculated to come out in late 2009, or 2010.

You can watch G4 tomorrow and throughout the week for some of these announcements. I will also be posting some news about them over the course of the week if I find anything especially interesting.

Halo 3: New Map

Yesterday was Bungie day. I don’t really see the significance in the actual day. It’s probably mostly a publicity stunt because the games completely falling down the drain as the months go by. Anyways, about the new map.

Today they released a map from Halo 1 back to matchmaking. It’s called Cold Storage. I looked at the map on the Bungie preview, the gun placement, and of course the telly spots, and came up with this conclusion. Bring back midship, exactly as it was, or prepare to suffer. The game isn’t going anywhere but down.

Anyways, the map is free so why not download it if you occasionally play Halo? You’ll probably need it for most games in matchmaking so you don’t have a choice. Let me know how the map plays out.

GTR series coming to 360?

Swedish developers, SimBin have announed to the Press that they are working on an Xbox 360 game.  The title have yet to be released, but we’re guessing it has to be the great PC simulation racer, GTR.  SimBin is known to produce excellent Racing games and only time will tell if they’ll put out a Sim Racer alongside Forza Motorsports for the Xbox 360. Source: Kotaku

Dashboard Update

It seems as if the Dashboard Updates will always recieve the rumors. Well, here’s another major rumor we can add to the list from Kotaku.

It seems as if some sort of 3D Dashboard is being intergrated into the next Dashboard Update in next Spring. There is even word that there may be a second interface option for usage of the Motion Controller.

With all that being said, this is to simply “tidy-up” the current Dashboard Blades and to transform it into a 3D environment. The Motion Controllers will be used in a way to navigate through a “floating” Menu System.

Again, this is just all rumors. From the 3D Dashboard to the Motion Controllers. Until we get an Official Statement from Microsoft…we can all still dream, right?