Gamers Sue EA Sports

Madden football games had been the best around from the 90’s until early 2000. In 2005 they sought to rid themselves of competition completely by acquiring an exclusive NFL license as the only company with the right to create games based on the United States NFL.

Many gamers from California and Washington D.C. have gone as far as filing law suits against EA. They are claiming that the price of Madden games rose by 70 percent for the Madden 2006 game, the first without competition. The previous one had been cut back to $30.00 due to the NFL 2k sports series. Apparently, EA could have continued to compete with EA by improving game quality or lowering the games price. Instead they sought exclusive rights with the only known football associations in America, the NFL, NCAA, and Arena Football.

They are trying to get restitution and damages to be refunded for all EA football game buyers since the 2005 games, and rid them of their exclusive rights to these football associations.


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