G-Unit: Blood on the Sand Interview

The 50 Cent video game franchise is coming out with a sequel to it’s first game. I’m not sure about you guys, but I saw the first game. It was a combination of Saints Row and some typical Gamecube style graphics. I’m not even sure if it was released on the Gamecube. The aiming and the whole interface of the game was just terrible.

The new game, G-Unit: Blood on the Sand will have some very cool new features. Multi-player drop-in and drop-out co-op, interactive counter-kills, driving, and aerial combat. These will add a lot of fun to the actual game simply because, anybody with xbox live knows, it’s way more fun to be able to plug in that mic and talk with a buddy while shooting people in the head.

In a recent interview with MTV, 50 Cent and the creators of the game showed a demonstration of the new game. All of the members of G-Unit in the game agreed that the game was looking great, and a lot better than the previous game. Some of them even remarked that “Blood on the Sand” is “looking as good as Gears of war”.

Whoa, hold on there. Gears of War? Game of the Year Gears of War? The game that captured millions of gamers across the country to spend $60 and countless hours in front of their tv’s neglecting being social and going out? The same game that knocked Halo 2 off it’s pedestal? That is the most biased opinion I’ve ever seen.

They couldn’t possibly have been talking about the game being anywhere near as good as Gears of War. The guy must have been commenting on how much better he looks in Blood on the Sand than the Cole Train looks in Gears. That’s it.

Don’t think about buying this game anytime soon. Save your pennys to pick up a copy of Rainbow 6 Vegas 2. It’s a game you probably don’t own, yet you would enjoy more than this GTA attempted remake.


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