Team Rockets

Double exp this weekend, team rockets. Is it just me or do they seem to be giving all these weekend games to the not so competitive 10 year olds? No offense, but when is there going to be some serious game types in the weekend playlists? We’ve had this legendary brawl, team rockets, griffball stuff for too long.

Anyways, rockets, what can I saw about them. It does take some skill, just not much. It’s too easy to kill people when they aren’t looking. The hardest part is when it’s a one on one heading at one another. Simply because you have to predict their movements while deciding when to fire. It is pivotal that you either have the last shot, or reload first. Obviously you are one or the other, but here is what I mean. If you are of somewhat close of a distance and your opponent is reloading, you can get pretty close and shoot at the last second guaranteeing that you’ll get them. If you and your opponent shoot at the first time, you need to have been the first and finish reloading. You’ll continue walking towards each other working your way to a better shot. Whoever gets their rocket reloaded fasted will get first shot, and win.

Good luck playing team rockets. I can’t wait until the end of June with four team oddball with three oddballs.


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