Halo 3: Head to Head

A few days ago Bungie added the head to head playlist to Halo 3’s ranked matchmaking. As updated in the Bungie weekly newsletter there have been some problems getting matches. If your NAT isn’t set to open, or you’ve lost hosting privileges due to very laggy games, you may experience a long wait.

So other than the technical errors, how is it looking? There are a lot of BR related games, and they seem to keep the maps to decently fair and not horrendously big maps. They have added in a few weapons on various places of the map, as well as move others. It leads to a very interesting game play as nobody really knows where the weapons are.

What is up with that stupid red arrow? I mean honestly, how fair is that? Even if the game in a custom game would be a shut out, or close to it, it’s virtually impossible for the better player to be guaranteed the win. Every time they go up one they have to constantly watch their back because you have an arrow over your head. The enemy however knows exactly where you are. It’s just stupid.

That’s just my thoughs, what are your opinions on the new head to head playlist? I’m only a level 3, playing in only 3 games. I don’t like it that much, due to that stupid arrow.

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7 Responses to “Halo 3: Head to Head”

  1. khamai9 Says:

    The game is ok, but terribly unfair. I was fighting a major grade 2 the other day, and to my embarrassment, he almost beat me. Not because of skill, however. If you take the lead in a slayer, they have a marker over your head and you have… nothing. He walks over there, tosses a frag, and shoots you in the face, not hard. Or he just waits in one place for you to walk by… Head to Head slayer is a piece of crap.

  2. KillaJuke Says:

    Exactly….I don’t even wanna be in the lead only beacause I either have to keep lookin behind be every second or stay in a corner. Would be a great idea if they would take away that damn red arrow….

  3. benw22 Says:

    Agreed. They need to change it so the arrow flashes once every 20 seconds or so. That way the arrow serves its purpose (so players can’t get a quick lead and go play run away and hide with the shotgun the rest of the match), but if you’re in the lead you won’t have to worry about the other guy knowing exactly where you are at all times.

    I’ve actually won a few matches against players I know are better than me- with the help of the arrow and a few lucky kills.

  4. Ben Harris Says:

    can you only rank up to highest skill 5 on head to head because i got to five and one 6 games in a row and stayed at 5 highest skill wth is going on?

  5. lol2 Says:

    I think that the arrow is fine because i no that the guy nos where i am so i just wait for him to come and find me. Than i kill him with a sticky or close range weapon

  6. goodstori Says:

    i think the red arrow should only work for noobs who like to hide with the shotgun or snipers if the game was br only that would be great and i hate the invisibility every just runs towards that first and then crouches and waits till their behind me. no power up and and no camping that way the game can just progress smoothly with solid action.

  7. Matt Says:

    the arrow shows where both players are after about 30 seconds of inactivity. Whoever then kills the other will loose the waypoint while the person that died will still have the waypoint. I havent decided whether i like it or not, it does stop camping to an extent and better players should adapt quickly to own on it. Had to post this because all of you guys are ill informed, i should know as i am a 45 in head to head…

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