Good Bye Big Team?

Ever since the release of the ranked big team battle game on Halo 3 there has been countless problems. As you get up to a higher level it will slowly become more and more difficult to get a match. There are many reasons bungie is giving the blame to, but the cause is pretty much irrelevant.

The playlist is lacking numbers. That’s the biggest issue. If they can’t get the numbers, they may just remove it all together. That would give room to a possible team snipers, or a ranked zombie playlist. I’m just throwing out possibilities, but hey, who wouldn’t think that was sick? I mean these double exp weekend games go decently well. Granted they get some popularity from the double exp part, and another chunk from the, “it’ll only be here three days” people.

Just expect some changes with the playlists over the upcoming weeks. It may include an old favorite, or it may bring a patch to the ranked big team. Only time will tell.


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