Griffball Yet Again

Good news for all your Griffball lovers, or to those of you who never got to play it because you were too cheap to buy the maps. Whatever the case may be, Griffball has been brought back to the double exp weekend. There isn’t any reason to complain. After the big upset in team snipers last weekend this will be a good change.

For those of you that don’t read my blog posts, Griffball is a pretty basic game. I’ve yet to get on the new one, however the rules should be very similar. It’s a rectangle blocked off on foundry. The ball “bomb” starts in the middle. You and your three team mates rush forward to pick it up. You have hammers as your main weapon, swords as your backup. No shields. You move faster and get a shield when you have the mall.

The rules were modified a bit to fix a few glitches people were using, but enjoy! Get those killionaires for your social medals. It’s very easy.


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