Call of Duty 2

Call of Duty 2 was a fun and entertaining game.

It was all about just running around and shooting everything that moves. You had basic guns and that really didn’t matter because everyone used the same gun. Headquarters was very amusing, seeing how people didn’t know how to play it very well. This just made it all so much better.

The Call of Duty games are all based on the 1st person shooter so if you don’t like it I wouldn’t buy the game. It is full of hiding places and the campaign is some-what fun as well. You can easily beat it in less than a few hours if you follow any guide you can find on the internet.

Quick tips:

1. Cook your grenades; the enemy will have less time to run
2. Lean; you can shoot, but you have less of a profile to get hit.
3. Use cover
4. Run if you hear a grenade
5. Reload before a firefight
6. Move a lot if there is no cover
7. Listen to your teammates; they know what to do
8. Use the right weapon for the job
9. For the love of all things crouch!
10.If he lays there with a gun, shoot him again.

Tips like that are found all over the web. All you have to do is Google them. There are not very many cheats for this game. You obtain a lot of achievements when you complete this game on veteran. So it will defiantly help your gamer score! The people on this game are, from what I have noticed very friendly and I have yet to be cussed out.

This game is really worthwhile and you can pick it up of eBay for about 15 or 20 dollars. So if you do not have it, i would highly recommend it and I would give it a 4 stars out of 5!


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