Guitar Hero 4

The creators of the Guitar Hero franchise have announced several juicy details about the upcoming Guitar Hero 4 game. While they do not mention a release date yet, they do give us a look at what is to be Guitar Hero 4.

Mod chips in your Xbox 360 let you create your own songs. Mod chips will also get your Xbox banned the instant you go on Xbox Live your Xbox, not account, is forever banned from accessing live. What if I were to say the next game will allow you to create your own songs? Not only that, but you will be allowed to share them with everybody. You receive five slots to share these songs. They will include your custom album cover, your name, and the songs name. Expect just about every song ever sung with a guitar to be remade on this game by customizing them.

To stay with the theme of personalization, they are allowing you to create your own rocker. My guy is going to be shirtless, green liberty spikes, and totally ripped of course. You can also customize the look of your guitar. Yeah, I know you could to some extent before, but apparently it’s been improved.

So Rock Band copies Guitar Hero, only they one upped Guitar Hero. Guitar Hero basically brings the better franchise right back in their face. Guitar hero will now include drums, bass, and vocals guitar. Sorry to disappoint but they decided to leave the vocal out either due to lack of technology or just realizing nobody ever wants to be the singer unless they are alone.

Excited? Well here is an even better reason to get excited. The more features artists of the music are Linkin Park, Van Halen, The Eagles, and Sublime. Personally, I’m excited for Linkin Park. I have my Ipod full of his music, and I always think, aren’t there enough guitar solos in these songs?

Get pumped. This will probably be the most hyped Guitar Hero since the original came out for the PS2 way back when. Ha, PS2, makes me laugh.


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