Call of Duty 4

Ok guys this post is to talk about Call of Duty 4 obviously.

Maps: I’d like to hear feedback on the new maps, if you like them or not and why?

Me: I personally love the new maps, they give a whole new meaning to camping. Nice and big and full of hiding places!

Game play: Ideas on game play, do you like 1st person shooter or 3rd?

Me: I like the whole 1st person shooter, but then again Gears of War is a 3rd person and I like it a lot aswell. So for me I like them both.

Perks: What are you favorite perks and gun combos?

Me: Well i’d have to say MP5 silenced, x3frag, double-tap, and extreme conditioning.

Overall rating: What do you give it out of 5 stars?

Me: Ok am going to have to give this game a whopping ***** rating


2 Responses to “Call of Duty 4”

  1. Jared Stenzel Says:

    This game being one of the three major games at the time takes a special group of people out of the FPS genre. Personally I’m not much for CoD4 for a reason you and others seem to life about it. Camping.

  2. modded Says:

    Lol im one of those that snipes with the claymores in every door way. What games do you like Jared?

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