LTN Blogger Can’t Get 45

As sad as that may sound, I’m stuck. I win like 3 or 4 straight as the leading killer for the team and of course after a few wins strung together, I lose. I hate getting paired with crappy kids. It is so annoying.

So anybody want to play some Halo 3 to help me get my rank up. If you’re good enough you could even be the fourth for my MLG team. We won’t rape, but hey, it’s just for fun and we can slowly get better.

I’m in the 39-43 area for team slayer. I’m in the 40-42 for team dubs. I’m a 43 in lone wolves. It’s not like I’m terrible, I just am having a few difficulties. If you are interested in helping leave a comment with your gamertag and I’ll get back to you asap.


2 Responses to “LTN Blogger Can’t Get 45”

  1. WildBill Says:

    I just returned Halo 3 otherwise I woulda helped you out man.

  2. wildbill0771 Says:

    ^^That was me. I forgot to Log-In, haha. More blogs coming soon from me man, I’ve been busy.

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