Guitar Hero on the DS?

The Nintendo DS is one of the two larger hand held systems on the market. I’m assuming everybody knows the basic concept of the DS, so I won’t explain that. Activision has officially announced that it will be releasing the game for the DS.

The idea is pretty simple. There is the touch screen where you will have to strum, and then a smaller plugin on the bottom that will have the buttons for the notes. What I don’t understand is how you will even play this. I mean there are the frets on the bottom so in order to hold it so the buttons are verticle, you and strum with your left hand, you wouldn’t be able to see the screen very well if at all.

I guess for you DS only owners this may be something pretty cool to happen for you. If you’ve got any other system though I suggest buying it for that. The hand held version will not be anywhere near as good of quality and as much fun as the full system would be. If you are interested in reading a post that is more informative on this topic and makes it sounds “exciting” you may want to check out IGN’s post about it.


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