GTAIV LEAKED to the internet.

Announced not too long ago that the highly anticipted Grand Theft Auto IV has been leaked to the internet and many, mnay file-sharing sites. It’s the PAL version, not NTSC and people are downloading, burning, and playing it on their XBox 360.

R* deserves the money from the time and effort put into this game. Everyone who wants to play this game, should buy it. I’m not saying I’m against downloading some stuff, BUT, if you look at how far Rockstar has come, company wise, and gaming wise, they really do deserve full payment for putting out, possibly, the Game of the Year.

Check back here for more updates as the day goes on.


2 Responses to “GTAIV LEAKED to the internet.”

  1. Jared Stenzel Says:

    Trust me, they’ll get more than they deserve. As for game of the year? Gears 2 wins. That is pretty quick, they already got that up on the net?

  2. wildbill0771 Says:

    Yes sir. A week before release. It’s been for a couple hours though. PAL only though.

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