Madden NFL 2009: Special 20th Edition

Ok honestly Madden games don’t change that much each year. In fact, the majority of the changes involve the players switching teams and the top rookies being added. Not much more changes between years to make it worth another $60 come out of your pocket.

If you haven’t purchased a Madden game in the last two or three years, this is the year. Why is this so special? Nothing really makes it stand out much more than 2008’s. The fact that this is the 20th season of the Madden franchise is probably the biggest factor.

You will get a bonus though. Two games for the price of one. When you purchase Madden 2008 you will receive NFL Coach 2009 for free. What could be better? You get a classic edition of a classic game as well as another football game you probably wouldn’t bother purchasing anyways.

It’s worth checking out, but you may not need to buy it. According to the only two real significant additions to the ’09 game are that you can import personal playbooks from the NFL Coach game and you can control your touchdown celebrations. That alone makes it worth another $60?


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