GTAIV downloadable content: Whole cities?

Where would we be without the rumor mill constantly dangling a juicy piece of steak right in front of our eyes? Discussions would be boring, speculations wouldn’t have so much fire, and gamers wouldn’t have to be one upping eachother with “Oh yeah! Well the game I play has THIS!”. Basically it’d be boring, but this little rumor is like down-right taking the whole steak and slapping gamers right in the chops with it.

GTAIV in Liberty City, after months of playing through the city, potentially seeing everything there is too see in the map, numerous youtube videos showing other gamers where else to go and how to get there, and then you wake up in the morning to find out you can also play in the maps from Vice City, San Andreas, London, and other possibilites.

That could very well be the best downloadable content available for any game. Full fledged downloadable cities to further your experience. The game would never get boring. You can only play Grand Theft Auto for so long before it gets repetitive after you finish all the missions. With this new wave of DLC though, it will always be refreshing. How cool would it be to terrorize New York and then have enough with that city and fly a jet to a Miami setting like in Vice City?

This opens a whole new level of possiblites in a gameplay and replay value aspect that most games just can’t seem to accomplish. Rockstar always seems to be willing to push the barriers of gaming, weither it be their “outlandish” content, their steady flow of fun games, or other aspects, creating whole cities as downloadable content for a videogame would set the bar extremely high for other games.

Although, this is just a rumor, it does seem possible being Rockstar is always looking to expand. This should excite many GTA fans. Alas, don’t get your hopes too high, it is just a rumor, but then again, don’t necessarily sweep this under the carpet. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements on such things. As soon as I hear about it I’ll post it also, so check back. Hopefully more details will be available sooner rather than later.


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