May Halo Playlist Updates

May looks to be a bright month for the Halo gamers. There are so many new things happening at bungie that I don’t see how they manage. They are continuing the double exp weekends, whether they are for better or worse to the gaming community. Each weekend in may will have a double exp weekend as well.

Playlists will be change a bit. Team Control, yeah sorry this is the most worthless gametype on Halo. It is going to be removed. So sad, but guess what replaces it. Team Swat, yes replacing it in RANKED playlists. That will be a very smart move for bungie. They will also be adding a plain old Team Snipers playlist to a double exp weekend. This is going to be devoured by just about everybody who plays Halo. Expect a playlist crash. They also suggested another griffball weekend, and a new never before seen game to the double exp weekend games.

Sadly, you are not forced to buy the new Halo maps. You will have to buy them if you wish to participate in the double exp weekends, but not for any other game mode. These new maps may or may not be introduced to the playlists in May, but even if they aren’t, they still add to the fun getting them in these weekend game modes.


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