More Halo Stats Information

You’ve checked before and come up with information such as how many kills you’ve gotten with each weapon, what your kill to death ratio is, and a list of all your medals. While this is rather fun to know, what if I were to say you could find out more displayed to you all in one place? Those extra stats that are recorded on each games profile log, yet never totaled up and displayed for you. is exactly what you are looking for. I am purely amazed at the different statistics that they reveal to us for free. Here are some of the things you learn stats on. Total games, wins, game time, kills, deaths, kills per death, assists, suicides, betrayals, headshots, medals, and drops. It then takes this and displays each of these with different situations. It shows it for each game type, each map, each playlist and more. I can’t even begin to talk about the different statics you can see. Here is a sample gamer stats for their site. I am so curious as to what my stats will be.

What do I mean by I am so curious? I mean I haven’t even gotten an account yet. It’s in such popular demand that they had to limit the people who can sign up in a day. There are only 100 new members per day, and this is a strict limit. I have yet to discover the time they add them, but they claim it’s in the morning. At 12 and 1 central they have yet to add them so I’m still searching for the time to sign up.


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