Halo 4 Has Just Been Announced!

    That’s right today they officially announced the creation of Halo 4. They indicated no future release date; however they did mention a few things that I think every gamer out there is going to like.

They plan to include new maps as well as favorites from the past. Maps like Lockout, Midship, the Pitt, Guardian, Warlock, and many others will be there with the release. Although they will be in their own special playlists and revamped a little they will still make for a very happy release.

Guns will be the same for the most part. They made no indications at any new sort of guns; however you can assume they will altar the power of some guns to make gameplay more gun.

Do you think this game will break Halo 3’s record of sales and pre-orders? Every gamer out there should be pretty excited. The biggest and most important factor here, they have made it MULTI-SYSTEM COMPATIBLE!  It was explained that gamers on the PS3, Wii, and computer should also be able to enjoy halo to it’s fullest. It will more than triple the sales of Halo 3.

Now to those of you who are excited to the fullest, check the date. April fools.  I just had to do it.

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88 Responses to “Halo 4 Has Just Been Announced!”

  1. dicnose Says:

    i hate you, dude

  2. Bob Says:

    You’re retarded. The Multi-system thing and the same weapons thing completely gave it away. If Bungie makes a Halo 4, they’d do it for Microsoft, cause halo 3 was one of the main reason the 360 sold so well. Microsoft want them to help keep the XBox consoles alive.

  3. faf Says:

    WOWWwwwww lmao fake

  4. lol Says:


  5. MrSc0peS Says:

    This is so fucking fake… bungie would NEVER make any Halo games Multi-System… NEVER.. it is a microsoft game and always will be.. from Halo1 to halo4 it will remain a 360 game… and they have to atleast put some new weapons…

    • Traint2 Says:

      well they did make the first halo and and the secound halo xbox and pc

    • Simeon Says:

      Wow…Congrats…you pointed out that it was fake. You must be a super tech gamer dude man. Mad props. Hey what gave it away? Was it him saying it was a joke april fools or….?

  6. ......... Says:

    That’s exactly why he put April fools you dumb ass.
    Read next time before you make assumptions that he wants you to believe it is real after you leave the website.

  7. jesee Says:

    so halo 4 isnt realy coming out

  8. michaelholliday Says:

    i no it’s fake but just to let everyone no bungie doesnt own the halo franchise anymore xbox does so if they do make another halo it would be up to microsft

  9. SumWon Says:

    There isn’t going to be a Halo 4, Bungie no longer owns the rights to the halo franchise. Bungie has also become bored of Halo and wants to work on a new project. If Halo 4 is ever made, it will probably be made by some other company and it will suck ass. Die in a fire, thanks.

  10. jesee Says:

    wtf i wanted them to make a halo 4, bit call of duty 5 wil be coming out

  11. jamal biatch Says:


  12. g4m3m0dz Says:

    omg, u can really tell the people who started playing on halo 3 ‘wtf i wanted them to make a halo 4, bit call of duty 5 wil be coming out’ <—ROFLMAO. u would have known that Halo was going to be a trilogy from the beginning, but there is Halo Wars, the movie which is sort of up in the air, and there was an announcement that said there will be more ‘Master Chief’ games. I put Master Chief in quotes because the game isn’t going to have anything to do with the Halo storyline. As for COD 5,http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Call_of_Duty_(series)#Call_of_Duty_5

  13. Smart Says:

    Ur all dumb. They ARE making a Halo 4, but it will be Halo: The Movie Game. Dur dur durr

  14. jesee Says:

    halo 4 will probably be master chief landing on the planet he was headin toward

  15. halo Says:

    cooldude u aint u a good gamer u now that theres gonna be a halo 4

  16. cooldude Says:

    when you finish halo3 watch and you will see master cheif in the ship so he is in halo4

  17. Petroph Says:

    That would be really nice if they made a Halo 4 though. But the name just doesn’t seem right. Halo 3 is easy to say but if you say Halo 4 it’s just not that powerful to say in a way.

  18. cooldude Says:

    so far halo3 is the best halo1 is ok halo2 is good

  19. mmmmmmmm Says:

    beat halo 3 on legendary and at the end it shows master chief gettin blown up.. don’t think he will be in halo 4 if there is even one.

  20. cooldude Says:

    master chief is in halo 4!

  21. Brent Says:

    dude ur stupid the chief does not get blown up so beat it on legendary again stupid it shoes him getting in a hybornation capsul DUHHHHH.

  22. pimpin9 Says:

    Any body that says that there’s not gonna be a halo 4 is stupid they already got trailers for it and even if bungie doesn’t own the franchise its not like they’re just gonna sit back and watch Microsoft butcher what they worked so hard to make

  23. coolbeans021 Says:

    idk i heard about halo with a different spartan…but idk…but idk…halo has been awesome and i dont think it will die out.

  24. coolbeans021 Says:

    oh and plus master chief dies at the end of halo 3 jacktards in any difficulty

  25. Joey Says:

    Umm he might be making this up but, BUNGIE IS NO LONGER MAKING GAMES SPECIFICALY FOR MICROSOFT, witch means if there is another halo it might jump to ps3 ( IREALLY HOPE IT DOESNT) but i can garenteee this guy made this shit up

  26. Joey Says:

    master cheif is not dead beat the game on legendary fucktard


  27. krieger Says:

    this is crap this is all made up who would be in it johnson is dead keys is dead whoever beleves him is a frikin idiot

  28. HALOFREEK Says:

    WTF! This is bullcrap!
    And btw, bungie split up from microsoft shitheads, so they CAN come out possibly for PS3

  29. krieger Says:

    no it cant you frick head

  30. J.D. Says:


  31. jim Says:

    umm… anyone here think that maybe this shit going on is why bungie got bored with halo? you know, like maybe they’re just sick of all the retarded fatasses that come to these forums and belittle everybody because they think their ideas are so much more superior than anyone else’s? although i do think it would be nice to see halo 4. my main question, however, is for those who DID actually beat the game on legendary. in the end, master chief doesn’t make the jump into the worm hole, correct? if so, then how the fuck does he come back to earth? plus, no there are not any actual “official” trailers. at least none that i’ve seen. the only thing i could find were spoofs. if anyone knows of any authentic ones, E3 preferably, then hit me up at mmyerswasframed@gmail.com, no spam or hate mail please.

    • thathaloguy Says:

      i doubt there will be a halo 4 because they would have too make up so much shit and add so much crap because all the characters are dead except a few….but if they did make a halo 4 it would be on the four runner home world iv done alot of research and it all points to that. at the end of halo 3 on legendary you see him jump in the frigate and only arbiter goes through the worm hole and reaches earth while master chief is in a chiro tube drifting towards a planet with glowing lights all over it with forerunner symbols all over it oh and cortanna shows signs of her going rampant just like how 343 guilty spark did and turned evil oh and if your wondering who is doing the halo games from now is well its 343 studios.

  32. Jonas Says:

    Wow dude! I Can’t wait for it to come out!!
    I bet they’re going to add new stuff like being able to sprint, more characters! Dude I can’t wait! I’m gunna be the first to buy it!

  33. steven Says:

    master cheif lives watch after credits and you will see him alive. also it cant go to ps3 bc microsoft owns halo trilogy now so if someone did make a halo 4 it would b on xbox. Also there cant be a halo 4 bc the halo’s are gone it would be named something else with master cheif’s name in it.

  34. darknes1 aoac Says:

    there are officially probably going to announce this on july 14th at E3 during the microsoft press conference how ever there will probably be no multi consol to the halo series due to the exclusivity of the game

    watch g4ttv for live E3 coverage of the momentus event i mean who would want to miss the most epic thing to happen ever

    thats cannel 158 for people with cox cable

  35. zac Says:

    u f-ing retard if they do make Halo 4 it wont be multi system compatible. you’d have to be pretty new to the gaming world to fall for that BS.

  36. Jared Stenzel Says:

    This is pretty funny. Everybody tweaking about an April Fools joke :p

  37. Vince Says:

    holy shit dude…you totally fucking got me…that was great

  38. Donald Says:

    Man I really hope halo 4 comes out. Even if Bungie isn’t making it halo 4 would still be huge.

  39. Sevan Grim Says:

    i am almost certain that, if Bungie isn’t making the game, its not going to be a traditional Xbox 360 title.
    This is either going to be for a different system, a download able live game, or a sort of addition to Halo 3.
    Simply put, Halo is Bungie’s baby. And no matter how much you trust in the other company, you don’t just give them your baby.

  40. Finn Says:

    Good burn! I do fucking hate you tho.. In a friendly sorta way!

  41. colten Says:

    it not a hybornation capsule its called a cryo pod or the freezer by the marines and spartan 3s

  42. 1337 Says:

    i know halo 4 isnt coming out but halo wars is!!!!

  43. spartan 101 Says:

    halo wars is gonna be GREAT i cant wait!

  44. bomber Says:

    APRIL FOOLS DUMB ASSES… read the entire description. You people feel like dumb asses now eh

  45. urnoobfreind Says:

    well what all you dont know is microsoft tookk over the halo series from bungie so bungie doesnt have any say in what happenms

  46. Will Says:

    Haha, you guys are fuckin idiots. I can tell you just skipped through the thing to all the interesting parts, and left out the end of the thing. Man, you guys will never know how to understand things when you don’t even read the whole paragraph. Making comments on something when you don’t even know that it’s fake. How funny!

  47. HALO ROCKS Says:

    u are all stupid there making a HALO WAR and a HALO 4
    watch the end of HALO 3 after the credits (but not to the people who say what is true about the ending.
    but they are making HALO WAR AND HALO 4 and even a HALO MOVIE.

  48. Paul Says:

    Halo 3 had an open ending, you know bungie will make a Halo 4 there trying to dominate the world.

  49. fkingboss Says:

    rofl made me laugh the end..

    “Now to those of you who are excited to the fullest, check the date. April fools. I just had to do it.”

  50. HALO ROCKS Says:

    thank u

  51. Stupified Says:

    Dude, you’re all retarded. Yeah, that Halo 4 thing didn’t surprise me much. I seen it coming. But there is another Halo in development, I’m pretty sure. Because Bungie had an important announcement at E3, but they canceled it. If you’re smart, you’ll know the reason behind the cancellation was due to the fact that the gamers would see 2 Halo’s coming in a little too close together, resulting in the public seeing it as a low-quality title, with not enough time working on it.

    I don’t care who you are, you’re as smart as them, and that’s why they delayed the announcement. I can’t quite tell you for sure if it’s a sequel to the Halo franchise, the up-coming Halo wars, or a movie, I’m just 93% sure it’s Halo. If it isn’t halo, feel free to flame me, because It’s probably gonna be another big-hitter in the gaming industry. Now, for those of you who have beat Halo 3, you probably already thought Halo 4 was coming out. That’s understandable. That cliffhanger could be the end of the series, itself. It isn’t though, so worry not. Halo will live on in our hearts. If it can manage to pull of a ‘Megaman’, then our children might be able to enjoy Halo 14. Whoah, sorry for going off track, there.

    I have a comment for HALO ROCKS. What do you know? You probably don’t even know if there is a release for the movie. If you go to YouTube, you’ll see hundreds of Halo movie trailers. All of which, are either fan-made, or are previous trailers for Halo 3. Or, then again, I might be wrong. A Bungie employee might possibly have a YouTube account and posted one of those videos. We may never know. Either way, yes, there WILL be another Halo installment, game or not.

  52. Jared Stenzel Says:

    Wow man, see here is the funny thing that you obviously didn’t take time to observe when writing your big old rant. First things first. This was written in April. E3 wasn’t until July.

    Second, Halo Wars and and Halo movie are NOT Halo 4. In fact, they are completely irrelevant. This was purely an April fools joke, and you seem to think you’re some know it all trying to prove me wrong with information released after I wrote this article. Stupified, you’re just lame. You don’t even leave a legit email address for some reason.

    The fact that there may be another halo installment doesn’t matter. This post is about Halo 4, not another Halo Wars or Halo movie.

  53. Stupified Says:

    I know. I seen it as a joke, and I never said Halo Wars or the Movie was Halo 4.

  54. Arbiter Says:

    wow, people… i thought u would have more sense than this… halo 4? i mean really? of corse theres ganna be one but not under that name. master chief is sleeping, cortana is waiting for rescue, its all ganna be happy! yay! as for the joke, jared i congradulate you, this was perfect, i would have thought people would have figured it out sooner.

    movie? eh, im not so sure. wars, well yeah wasnt it ganna be an rts?

  55. Pillar of Autumn Says:

    Halo 4 = New Marathon? Think of the timeline and both the situations involved in tha ending of Halo 3 and the beginning of Marathon.?????????????

  56. jesse Says:

    i dnt no wat the point of arguing is arguing is not gonna create halo 4 neither sitting there thinking if there gonna create it every one will just hav to wait en see geese no point of arguing its not gonna make halo 4 cum quicker or get created

  57. Pillar of Autumn Says:

    Neither of those give any real, substantial support. BTW your the one who sounds stupid, you don’t have to have the validation of everyone else, so just wait to be proven right or wrong and reville in your foresight or tuck your head between your knees and cry.

  58. Krisp88 Says:

    although microsoft owns the halo franchise if they decide to have Halo 4 they will probaly pay bungie to make it and not waste their money on some wack job game developer. also if they pay bungie they would be loaded and they bungie is making halo wars so why cant they make Halo 4? just my piece of mind…

  59. wapiiton Says:

    guys drop it halo is dead thay had ther moment with 3 and wars and posibly movie but thers no halo4

  60. wapiiton Says:

    that halo 3 ending was just that, an ending bungie just wanted to send it out in stile giveing memories of halogamers past gameing experienses like halo:combat evovlved and halo 2 halo 3 halo 3’S ending is a goodbuy get yeust to it

  61. jamie Says:

    is halo 4 comin out on normal xbox 360 or is it just elite

  62. urcancer45 Says:

    you’re wrong. they will make a halo 4 in the future. there is too much hype and money involved for them to decline the offer. halo 3 was the beginning to the end my friends.

  63. Fireblade Says:

    What is wrong with you people ?

    In the halo storyline Masterchief is NOT dead after the battle with the gravemind in halo 3.

    There is a huge planet called Onyx, similar to a death star or something that is a ‘Fortress World’ and it is fulled with billions of drones/sentinels.

    The Masterchief and Cortana link up with the “new spartans” there and dr.hasley (who created cortana the spartan super solider program) and they have to fight all the machines on that planet. There also left overs from the old covenant left over, like rebels… but the flood is gone.

    It is suggest u meet Medicant Bias there, the forerunner AI and meet the forerunner themselfs in their acended state.

    Spartan III’s are not as powerful or effective as Spartan II’s but they are cheaper and faster to make. They DO NOT have mijolnir armour but they are better then most normal humans. Masterchief and the other spartan Kelly train them on Onyx.

    So a good Halo 4 game would take place on Onyx, u would be able to play as the Spartan III perhaps and Master Chief and Kelly would be npc’s like Johnson and Keyes. Ur main enemy would be the machines and the covenant rebels. There could be alot of new weapons as it is a forerunner fortress world. The combat style could be a new innovative squad based FPS style game, as spartan 3s are suppose to operate in wolf packs.

    The ‘Halo: The movie game’ is not worthy to be called Halo 4, it goes back in time to the attack on Harvest and covers the time when humans first met the covenant, johnson and tarturas were present during that time also. There is alot of storyline not yet told… and that is… Halo 4.

  64. Fireblade Says:

    Btw if u beat the game on Legendary and wait until the credits stop rolling u will be treated to a FINAL cut scene.

    It shows Masterchief’s portion of ‘Forward Unto Dawn’ ship right next to a massive looking sphere type planet… that is.. Onyx 🙂

  65. Fireblade Says:

    Also yes, there is a Halo movie trilogy being made.
    Whetter , the company who did the special effects for lord of the rings will be doing the effects for halo so it will look amazing for sure.
    Its a 3 part series where they explain the first encounter and how the war developed and the creation of the super solider program, then it focuses on John and how he was abducted from his parents and replaced with a clone and how he was trained on Reach and how the augumented and modified the Spartan II’s and tested them on combat missions against other human factions. The first movie will end with the begining of the assault on Reach, how the Spartans split up and the Masterchief takes a small team when their ship the pillar of autumn jumps accidently to the first halo ring. crash lands and fights for a small bit and ends. 2 film is him blowing the first halo ring, returning to earth and fighting (too much to fit in returning to reach and blowing the unyielding heirophant base) chasing the prophet regreat, eventually taking him the covenant home world and fighting. 3rd movie is the battle for earth after the covenant jump thru the portal then continuation to onyx and end

  66. brandon Says:

    im not gadl that you did that but im glad that its not going to be multi-system compatible but screw you dude

  67. HaloRobot300 Says:

    For all of you who think he is floatin towards a freakin planet…it is a giant Forerunner “planetoid”. Picture a Halo ring, gone completely spherical.

  68. Fbrd21 Says:

    I know how most of you guys feel thinking there is such thing as Halo 4, but the truth is there not plane and simple. Just build a bridge and get over it. Oh yeah and for the Faggot who made this April fools joke I personally hope you feel satisfied. You crushed about half of the Halo fanatics’ hopes you must fell really outdone yourself.

  69. Benny Says:

    omg halorobt, its just a little joke, you dont have to get all overdramatic about it, its not like halo is the most important thing about life. lol, i find it funny how this created so much shit between people.

  70. nathanel Says:

    wow he did it as a apial fools joke idots

  71. halo4lyf Says:


  72. gangstershizz Says:

    wot a bitch ass fucker

  73. Joco Says:

    no kiddin halo4lyf you can suck on some nuts

  74. Sheehan Says:

    Thats not funny..my kid was all excited..your a jerk.

  75. Aflac Says:

    My guess is they will make Halo 4 but it won’t be called Halo 4, because he fired off the halo rings in the last game.

  76. SHS Says:

    wow, im really sad, i just read a report that Bungie is done making Halo, Halo 3 is the last one. Buuuuut, Halo3:ODST is coming out sometime in 2009, which is Halo3 with a new campaign, which includes over 40 hours of it.

  77. Angel Says:

    OMG you had me excited. I loved Halo 3 before my xbox 360 broke (or should I say i broke it after it broke?)

  78. nathan21fd Says:

    halo wars is the most suckish game ever it’s not even made by bungie it’s made by microsoft durrrr durrrrrrrrr

  79. warrior Says:

    its not even funny man the crappist joke ive ever seen

  80. Halo_Fan Says:

    i think its wrong to put halo out on all consoles because all they want is money and its not all about that, halo combat envolved first strted on the the xbox they should stick with microsoft its about heart not cash!!!

  81. halo4iscoming Says:

    I just readed that halo 4 actually WILL come in fall 2010!

  82. Rofllmao Says:

    Well.. its been a year since the last post. and i read through this whole thing and so i will get the graciousness to declare… THERE WAS NO HALO 4 IN 2010!!!!!

    It was reach. :] I’ll bet on this entire page the word “Reach” regarding halo has only appeared twice. And that would be in this very post. Lol noobs.

  83. //microsoft.543728 Says:

    I want to make this clear to all fans of halo if you beat the halo three campain on legendary it shows master chief heading towards a planet in the ruins of his half of the ship.he is heading towards the forerunner home world.SEE YOU ALL ON HALO 4!

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