Saints Row 2

Saints Row was released in 2006. Since then it has burst out of the shadows as just another Grand Theft Auto throw off to become one of the few games to make it through to a second edition. That’s right they have just announced the production of Saint Row 2. This will hopefully bring some much needed competition for Grand Theft Auto who is only weeks away from the release of their latest game.

The story is supposed to start where the previous game left off. It will continue the story, although it would be nice if we could keep our previously customized characters, I doubt it will happen. If you are interested in the brief announcement video then you should check it our on The trailer shows no footage and is just some of the characters talking. Not the greatest of introductions, but it’s got me waiting. If you haven’t purchased the original Saints Row, I suggest buying it on amazon, and if you’ve bought it, I suggest finally beating the game.

I found no evidence of a release date.


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