Halo 3 Blackout

Bungie has just announced the map Blackout. Blackout is a remake of everyones favorite Halo 2 map, Lockout. They made everything about this map the same. They even included “jumps” if you actually take the time to read the interviews they include with the pictures.

The creators at Bungie have finally done something right. Halo 3 has been a complete bust for maps so what do they do, the create Blackout. Way to go. Blackout is great for team slayer, free for all, and king of the hill. Although the map doesn’t have the same color experience as the one in Halo 2 it has the same layout.

April 15th, you will see Blackout being released with Ghost town and Avalanche. Obviously Blackout was the last to be announced because they needed to end it strong. They couldn’t top this map. As I’ve said before, Avalanche is the most likely to be the new “Isolation” or “Snowbound” where the gameplay is determined by who controls a certain weapon, and that gets vetoed 50% of the time.

Blackout will single-handedly make this pack sell. Honestly, I would have considered passing on this map pack had this map not been remade. The only differences we’ll see are a few easier super jumps, a couple jumps removed, and the advantages gained with the items. They put one power drain, one bubble shield, and one gravity lift.

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2 Responses to “Halo 3 Blackout”

  1. Joshua Pohl Says:

    I did an article about it too at my blog. I’m really excited about this map and is the main reason I will be shelling out another 10 dollars for the map pack.

  2. danglerman Says:

    this map is tight as hell

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