Rock Band Set to Release for Wii

Harmonix has just announced that Rock Band will be released for the Wii on June 22nd. It will contain 63 songs, plus five bonus songs. These will most likely include the 58 songs from the Xbox 360, PS2, and PS3 versions, along with some of the songs you can purchase on Xbox Live.
A Special Edition bundle will be sold with a wireless guitar, drum kit, and microphone for $169.99. Stand alone instruments and software will also be available at release which will allow buyers to purchase them as needed. It appears as though the Wii Guitar Hero guitars will not work with Rock Band, what a rip off. They steal the game idea and won’t even make it compatible with their guitars.

The downside to the Wii version is the loss of the online multi-player and downloadable content. While Wii has stepped into the online market with Brawl they aren’t going to offer it with Rock Band. This isn’t going to sell more Wii’s. They need to step it up. Lure some of the big names to Wii’s online play and it will explode.


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