“Xbox Live is Too Dirty For Kids”

Last night I was browsing the Xbox.com forums when I was looking for threads to post on I came across a rather unique thread. It describes this whole scenario where a teenager made an adult feel uncomfortable and they were warning parents to put parental settings on games like Call of Duty 4, Halo 3, and Gears of War. I thought this was rather comical. Here is the reasoning.

Ok well first of all when I’m on the Xbox I’m like every other teenage gamer from the ages of 15-21. I talk smack, talk a little dirty, and of course, make fun of the little kids. All that aside I’m not one to make fun of somebodies religion, race, gender, or anything like that. I’m saying this so you don’t think I’m defending the people that do this.

The parent was suggesting that they turn on a whole bunch of security settings when they let their kids play these games. Now here is what I’m thinking. Call of Duty 4, rated “M” for mature, Halo 3, rated “M” for mature, and Gears of War, rated “M” for mature. This is your problem. The games not safe for your kids in the first place. I’ve played all of these games, and I know through many many hours of experience that these games can get pretty bad. I’m not talking so much about the game play, even though it’s too much for them, but the talk of the players.

So you think it’s our fault that your child may be getting harassed in these games and that Microsoft isn’t doing enough to control this? That is total crap. These games were made for us, and Xbox Live will continue to cater towards their audience.

Another thing, you may be overreacting. If your boy is in 5th grade, it’s not like he hasn’t heard and used almost every single word they will hear on Xbox Live. Whether or not they speak like that around you is irrelevant.

Xbox Live wasn’t made for eight year olds, that’s why they have games like Mario, the Wii, and PSP’s. Xbox Live will forever be made for an audience made up of primarily teenagers. If you choose to let your child play on Xbox Live you will continue to expose them to adult language and actions.


9 Responses to ““Xbox Live is Too Dirty For Kids””

  1. xbox console Says:

    My kids are crazy about xbox. Everytime I have to shut their TV down. I always believed xbox is addiction and now scientists got proof of it 🙂 . But all in all great console , much better than playstation (yes i like xbox).

    Hey , by the way , nice blog , I really enjoyed info in it .

  2. Mindy Barfield Says:

    Why,that was good and honest of him to post this.One of the reasons for controversy in our house.Would you go to a ball game and start swearing at the other team or teasing a little kid in front of his parents? Or would you say the game was for adults and they had no business being there? Even though they paid for a ticket same as you.Or would you try to have a little self control and realize that if a kid is there to to keep your hamburgerhole shut and show some respect.But I guess you don’t spend enough time time in the bathroom or shower to let go of some of that aggression or maybe you’re jealous because that little kid plays as good or better than you.Or maybe in real life you are being bullied or you’ve not learned how to defend yourself.Unfortunately,some married people with children don’t see eye to eye when it comes to whether their children should be allowed to play these games and then moderation is the compromise and nobody really wins but the kid, who of course loves the game.We are parents who try to watch out for the ‘talkin smack’ to our kid and we don’t let him play with bigger kids who do that but as a parent,I personally believe only cowards and wussies do that because that’s all they can do.Sorry,but in order to survive in this world,Halo 3 isn’t going to save your butt.Oh,I’d like to read more on the scientific proof.I always felt it was true.

  3. Jared Stenzel Says:

    While I see where you are coming from, I don’t think you even had an open mind reading this post. I personally do not attack anybody on Xbox Live, unless they are my friend, but that’s only me joking about them being a noob. My point is, yes there are people like this out there, but it’s not the gamers fault that your kid are introduced to this. You are the parents buying “M” rated games for your kids. If you choose to purchase games rated for people almost twice your kids age, you yourself are introducing them to the content your are being warned about.

  4. michaelholliday Says:

    Parents can’t blame microsft for this, like you said games like call of duty 4 is a 16 in the uk and gears of war is an 18 so if parents buy games for there kids that arnt even old enough to play them it’s at there own risk.

  5. Volke Says:

    o god i no wat u mean, im 15 and i play nintendo wifi games,yea i dun like the system but thats y i dun play on xbox cuz i hate hearing the trash talk towards me,little kids r annoying on it and for fuks sake i just wana have fun. I like to play wifi so that i dont here those faggots talking like that towards me :).

  6. Grif Says:

    I really don’t want to start a flame war. But it’s 12:30 in the morning right now, and I feel like expressing my opinions.

    On the first note about little kids playing M-Rated Games:
    Typically, no, they shouldn’t. But I’ve got a 9 year old FEMALE cousin who can kick anyone’s @$$ in some FFA SWAT on Halo 3. She doesn’t trash talk, and in team based objective games, she’s the team leader 9/10 times.
    I believe that parents should decide when a child is mature enough to play previously mentioned games, and should only be given that decision AFTER they themselves have played it (online and offline). And afterwards, and this should probably apply to all players living with parents or guardians, if you start acting inappropriate in online games, the parent/guardian should unplug the Xbox, and stash it till you learn some ettiquete (not sure if I spelled that right). I’ve played many a game with some 23 year old ass hole getting all pissy ’cause I ended his 20 kill streak. BOO F***ING HOO!

    Next Topic. XBL Addictive?
    No, you are wrong. Xbox Live, or any game for that matter is addictive. Because addiction implies a physical dependencie (including chemical dependencies/resulting unbalances). What’s addictive about XBL is the fun. If a game is made well, such as CoD, GTA IV, Halo 3, then it’s going to be a fun game. I personally would rather spend my time playing Halo 3 then mowing the yard. So, in that regard, yes, I’m addicted to XBL, or rather, the fun stuff.

    Third and Final Point of the Evening. ADULTS!:

  7. Grif Says:

    Sorry bout that…
    ADULTS! (and anyone else that can’t properly form a sentence):
    This applies to adults most of all. Nothing pisses me off more than sheer stupidity. YOUR 30 YEARS OLD AT LEAST!. Go back to 5th grade where you learn that “ITS” does not equal “IT’S”. There is a space after every comma, period. “One of the reasons for controversy in our house” is not a complete sentence. AND DON’T START AN ARGUMENT IN A PEACEFUL CONVERSATIONS! God, you’re more immature than the 15 year old who came on here (no offense dude, but lay off the txt speak. “yea i dun like the system but thats y i dun play on xbox cuz i hate hearing the trash talk towards me” correctly forumlated should say “Yeah, I don’t like that system either. That’s why I don’t play on Xbox. because I hate hearing people trash talking me”

    If you consider pointing out my grammer in this post, keep in mind that it is now 1:00 AM on a Tuesday. I am quite tired and annoyed. And I have not spell checked anything.

  8. 13yearold voice cracking Says:

    as you can see, i am 13 year old. i got my xbox last year and really really addicted to it. i dont even feel like going outside and just play 24/7. i dont know why but my parents think video games are bad. i think its good because 1. you can get muscles on your finger (lol) 2. uses brain 3. get more friends (i think that is what xbox live is for). I still sound like a kid so people call me kid, shut up, i didnt hit puberty, and a lot more. actually, i dont really care because my voice is cracking and that means im getting deep voice (im a man!!! lol). i play rated m games unless ea sport games. people on mw2 swear. i swear too. my parents dont care unless i swear to them. i think i started swearing because i want to fit in. i know that is not good. i tryed to stop swearing because the girl i like said stop swearing. but i couldnt. its like stop smoking. i dont smoke by the way. i chose to not tease the kid when i grow up. but it is pretty hard unless your the kind of person that dose not talk. this small 7th year old “kid” is so annoying and started to irritate him.

    ok whatever. i typed too much lol.
    someday, im going to tell my parents game are not bad. my goal is to be an mlg pro on call of duty or any future fps games. =] thankyou for reading.

    blog was nice. meet you mlg battle in the future lol.

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