How to Tell If You’re a Noob At Halo

    How would one know if they are considered a noob at halo? There are hundreds of different definitions of what a noob is, and how one should consider whether or not one is a noob. This is generally what I go by, and is as accurate as you can get.

As you are probably aware there are some ranks you don’t have to become. Major grade 3, Colonel grade 2, and any of the other ranks where you are being held back because your highest game rank isn’t up to par with what you need to move up. Most common example is brigadier. To become a brigadier you must have 500 exp and a level 45 in any game mode. If you pass the 500 exp it will not let you move up without the level 45. If you hit 600 exp before you hit level 45 you become a colonel grade 2.

Hitting an unnecessary  rank is what I consider to be a noob. Granted that of course you don’t only play one game mode. You get experience for social, which could cause a large inflation because you are getting experience and not able to move up. Your goal should be to move up as fast as possible. If you aren’t playing ranked, then there is a little exception; however you are still meriting the noob title.

Then of course there is basically the standard everybody under lets say 20. If you cannot hit a level 20 in any ranked game mode, you are a noob. Once you get some skill you can easily move your ranks in every game above this mark in practically 20 games. If you can’t reach this, you’re a noob.

What is your opinion on what makes a noob?


One Response to “How to Tell If You’re a Noob At Halo”

  1. Noob Gamer Says:

    To answer your question “What is your opinion on what makes a noob?” A noob to me is someone that needs hacks to play game.

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