Lag: Notice It or Not, It’s There

    Lag, commonly given as an excuse in a game. What is lag? Lag is when somebodies connection to the host of the game is not good. It causes a short lag (delay) in the gameplay which is often complained about. While Halo 2 was infamous for the laggy games, it’s there in every game.

Most people only experience it once in a while. This would be in the games where everybody is lagging terribly due to a terrible host connection. This is inevitable. I’m writing this post to tell you guys, there is lag in every game.

Now you can’t go around saying, you only killed me because I lagged. This is complete bullshit. You most likely were not lagging. I’ve been playing with people all the time when they say the lag is bad, yet I never used to notice it. It was something I always let go as thinking, this person is just making up excuses.

The other day I was alerted my NAT was changed to moderate. There are three different NAT settings, open, which is ideal, moderate, and closed. If you are moderate or closed then you will have many problems connecting with certain people, hearing people, or lag. It is nearly impossible to change this because it takes a very computer literate person to do this. I consider myself way over knowledgeable with computers yet a step by step guide was very confusing. Routers are one of the problems.

Ok, what does this have to do with the lag? Well until you experience playing games with people whose NAT is open when yours is set at moderate or closed you will have no idea. You will shoot people longer, and hit them numerous times and your beat down is still out powered by theres. It will seem as though every beat down is very slow. Your shots will lag, your stickies will lags majorly and at times go through people.

This won’t happen in every game, because each new host brings on a new set of difficulties. Most games you will be fine for the most part. You may notice a few instances of minimal lag, but when shots and grenades go through people you’ll see the seriousness of it.

I just wanted to write this post to let you all know, it’s in every game, in some form. Just keep your eyes open to the idea that your opponent may actually be lagging as they claim. If you are the one lagging you will realize the frustration that occurs through this. To fix your lag problems, you need to fix your connection. This is no easy task, personally I’m just going to buy an Xbox Live compatible router.


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