Halo 3: Avalanche

    Bungie has just recently presented pictures of what the second of the three maps in the Legendary Map Pack will look like. The map looks decent for objective games. Mostly big team battle. Honestly, this maps looks like one of those maps nobody wants to play. I mean seriously this is like rats nest. Rats nest of the Heroic Map Pack is terrible. The map is so big it only suits big team battle.

Why is this map being dissed by me? I hate maps where I cannot control the game. Any map that is very large is hard for a single person to dominate. Some may argue that this is a good thing. It’s not, it makes it so that you have to walk from your spawn to who knows where all the way across the map. All the way you are walking you will encounter people with BR’s, vehicles, snipers, and lasers. You can get picked off so easily. Also just the fact that every spawn you must come from all the way across the map. It is very comparable to griffball. While this is nowhere near a similar comparison because it was a tiny area, think about it. Your team is attacking and you get killed. You get spawned all the way across the map, they are most likely dead before you can get to them.

Anyways this is not for me to decide. Check out the pictures yourself and comment about your thoughts of this new map. Here is the Bungie review and pictures of it.


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