Free Microsoft Points: Points Awarded

For anybody who has signed up on Rewards to earn free microsoft points post here. I am just curious if any of the readers who come here to read about my guide on how to get free microsoft points actually favorite my site, or revisit it at a different date. There may be a contest giving away a code for 1,600 points soon.

To those of you who may be a little bit skeptical about the service, there is no reason to be. They will send you your free microsoft points, free xbox live gold cards, or whatever product you decide to take as your reward.


Here is my email from them. They sent it to me the day after I gave them the points for my 1,600 free microsoft points. They were quick, and the code was valid. I successfully changed my gamertag and downloaded the new halo maps.

Again leave a comment. If you are a member of rewards1 and signed up through my post, please leave your member id which can be found in your profile on rewards1. This ID will show me if you signed up with me as your referral. If you did, you will be eligible for the contest, so stay tuned.


83 Responses to “Free Microsoft Points: Points Awarded”

  1. John Says:

    Hey I’ve been on rewards 1. I tried the surveys but is there anyway around signing up for the like free razor pop up things? if so email me and I’ll gladly say you recommended me or w/e it is your looking for. Hopefully you can help me


  2. Fran Says:


  3. FJFC Says:

    Im scared..can somebody do this and send me the code my email its
    Help please!

  4. john Says:

    lol do u have to wait awhile before u can do more avaible offers if just did one???

  5. chk Says:

    i cant find the free 1600 points

  6. Mike Says:

    hi um. i’ve been looking for 5 weeks now for only 500 points. i was wondering if anybody could help me. im tired of filling out surveys, which never give me anything. im sorry for imposing, but please help me, please. send a code to my email, thank you SO much.

  7. Jared Stenzel Says:

    I cannot simply give away codes. Plus you cannot get a code that is less than 1,600 microsoft points on If you look at the different offers you can easily make half of that prize without entering anything but an email address.

  8. D B Says:

    I signed up for the rewards1, however I dont know how to refer you. I filled out 3 surveys just now, but they dont add any point to my account…

  9. Jared Stenzel Says:

    By simply clicking the link that I had on this site you were referred by me. It usually takes a few hours to be credited as they have to verify it. If you are still having issues check out the forums as they have lots of helpful information.

  10. luis Says:

    please anyone can anyone please give me some xbox live points ill do anything i would really appreciate it
    my gamertag is luistha1guy 🙂

  11. Mike Says:

    I also got 1600 microsoft points and downloaded the new halo 3 maps with them [=

  12. Jonathan Says:

    can i please have 1800 points? I would like to buy a game! Please!

  13. Jonathan Says:

    Oh, i just forgot! My GameTag is PunchyWoXx!

  14. liam rhodes Says:

    can u send me 2000 mirco point for xboix 360 if have some spare plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  15. john Says:

    can u send me microsoft points 1600 to my email id

  16. Mike Says:

    Hey Ive been a Member of Rewards 1 for quite some time now, I have a bunch of posts there and it’s a very interesting but legit site for anyone wondering if it’s real.

  17. somebody Says:

    can some ody give me ms points i need some bad i need to change my name and by a game and send it to and think u and god bless u

  18. benminiman95 Says:

    i want some microsoft points i need some despretly all my m8s buying arcade games and new game add-ons please send me some my email is thx!

  19. Watscrakin Says:

    to the people that have put their email to get microsoft points i doubt the ywill give you any without you guys not even completing a survey

  20. Raheem Says:






  21. kaptainkirk Says:

    hi.I’m new to xbox live and i never had any microsoft points.I want to get a couple arcade games.So if anyone can help me out,I would greatly appreciate it. Happy Gaming!


  22. scottie Says:

    oh sorry i ment to say send me a code for pionts : )

  23. jabba Says:

    I’m going to sign up so I can get 1,600 free microsoft points.

  24. ttomic Says:

    i need point for some maps

  25. Austin Says:

    Plez can somebody help me get some ms points im desperate

  26. shelly Says:

    I need some points for some maps can i please have some please!

  27. Obama1967 Says:


  28. troy Says:

    i need points really badly all of my friends have the halo 3 mythic map pack and i dont i feel really left out please help me.

  29. Bobby Says:

    i need points for new maps

  30. pavi Says:

    can you gimmie another microsoft points card for 5000 points plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  31. masemac Says:

    please please please can i have 1600 microsoft points pllease

  32. masterness Says:

    can someone give me some microsoft points. It would be greatly appreciated

  33. saif Says:

    Hi I really want 1800 microsoft points so could someone please send me them…my gamer tag is Far1d1 Pr1DE.THANKSSSS!

  34. Jc Says:

    Hey can somebody send me send me 1600 ms points please.Thanks!

  35. austin Says:

    yeah can someone send me a code for 1600 microsft points cause i cant find them my email is

  36. Iain Says:

    hey can someone also send me a code for 1600 microsoft points as well?

  37. rhys Says:

    can i have some microsoft points for the new maps on cod5

  38. Martin Says:

    Yeah, want to send me another code please?

    I’m confused :S

    Send it to my MSN please&Thanks.

  39. austin Says:

    i need 1000 points

  40. matt Says:

    i need 1000 points

  41. travis Says:

    can somebody send me some microsoft points my gamertag is LORD MYSCHIEF

  42. Montywacko Says:

    I really need help to get it cause i need 1600 microsoft points for the halo wars map packs

  43. aasasf Says:

    can sumbody send me a code for points plz im at

  44. luke Says:

    i need microsoft points

  45. sean Says:

    hello the game as you know rdr it’s next dlc is coming out so if you can send me some ponits if you can 4000

  46. Jack Says:

    Hi plz can u send me 800 to 1600 Microsoft points i’m really desperate and I can’t afford it at the moment thanks 🙂

  47. mr.ferris Says:

    please can i have 5000 ms points please i need to change my name 🙂

  48. christian Says:

    i need microsoft for free someone send me a code for 5000 microsft points plezzzz thanks

  49. yonel375 Says:

    please g besoin juste de 800 msp pour xbox live merci

  50. joey Says:

    Hi I need microsoft points badly as I would like some new maps. My gamertag is MrFitchpatrick

  51. erji Says:

    hi can i ve 1600ms pts plz?

  52. Jordan Says:

    Heyy Can You Send Me 800 Microsoft Points To Change My Name Please My Gt Is IPro JoKerz x

  53. macaully Says:

    hi can any one send me some ms points as i need to change me name as some one keeps hacking my acount my gt is KING MAC NG6 thanks

  54. Liam Says:

    Can i have 1200 microsoft points please.

  55. moseskeeper Says:

    Give me 2800 ms points i wanna change my gamertag.

  56. Lee Says:

    Please can you send me a 1000 microsoft points code please as the new maps come out on the 1st of feb and i only have 600 thanks

  57. xninjgeorgex Says:

    please can you send me a 1.500 microsoft point code please as the new map are out now i only have 100 thanks

  58. seemen Says:

    can u send me 1200×2 so i can bye escalation and first strike my gamer tag is cjw ind4house thanx

  59. Merak Says:

    can you send me 1600 microsoft points my gamer tag is xtremeyou

  60. xRDx VoLtZz Says:

    can u send me 1600 micsoft points plzzz gt is xRDx VoLtZz

  61. H1TM4N C4RNEY Says:

    can u send me 1600 micrsoft points my gametag is h1tm4n c4rney coz i want the new maps on cod waw and a new game plzzzz

  62. H1TM4N C4RNEY Says:

    can i have 2200 microsoft points coz a need it to get maps and that and the code a gt last time as been used all redy plz cn u give me a valid 1 plz

  63. jojo Says:

    i need 800 microsoft points can u giv them please need it despertly for maps on cod waw
    my gamertag is H1TM4N C4RNEY

  64. Jack Doody Says:

    need some for the new zombies map on black ops need pronto it comes out tonight ASAP

  65. sipan mourad Says:

    need codes c
    can please somebody sent codes

  66. daniel Says:

    i need 5300 mico points for all the maps on cod

  67. javannn Says:

    hi please can someone send me some a Microsoft code for some points it would be really appreciated my gamertag is Xx ToXiC JaY11 xX

  68. javannn Says:

    sorry its XxToXiC JaY11xX

  69. Chris Says:

    How do I sign up

  70. romain Says:

    its diarokr5

  71. Jordan Says:

    Also I have no money

  72. jamie Says:

    i need 1200 to get a game plzz can i have it cuz it would be a long time before i can get microsoft points

  73. Michelle Says:

    Please Please i need 1600 microsoft points free can somebody give me that please??

  74. Leon Says:

    3000 microsoft points plz

  75. lewis Says:

    i need 5000plz

  76. jake aylward Says:

    4000 microsoft points plz

  77. Kush Says:

    Give me microsoft codes as many as you can!

  78. sean Says:

    can i get 2000 microsoft points

  79. no one Says:

    Be fast :p

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