Halo 3 Weapons: Assault Rifle

    This is part of the series of Halo 3 Weapons. In the series I will post some strategies on how to use the different halo 3 weapons effectively. Reading my guides should help you use the weapons better, and with practice you can out shoot your opponents.

The Assault Rifle is the most common gun in the game. It is the default starting gun in virtually every game mode. This is an important one to master because of the amount of time you will spend with this as your only weapon.

The basic information of the assault rifle. It’s clips hold 32 bullets that fire at  approximately 11 shots per second. Each bullet does seven and a hit points worth of damage. With everybody starting with 110 hit points when they are fully shielded it will take 14 hit bullets. The bullets must hit, and with it’s lack of range this should take pretty much your entire clip.

The assault rifle is not very powerful so there are many tricks to helping you win. As this is a guide purely about the assault rifle I will not go into avoiding your opponents bullets because that’s a generic strategy that is used by pretty much any gun. The best way to get kills with the assault rifle is to make your opponent miss. Basically things such as jumping, moving sideways, ducking behind pillars, ect are the best ways to do this. You should realize it will take both of you about 32 shots to actually get enough for the kill. If they miss half of those, which is bound to happen, you will get the kill. So tip number one, avoid bullets. No shit right? Well most people aren’t exactly geniuses. Half the time I’m playing with beginners I’m seeing players charging right at me not even trying to avoid my bullets, rather focusing all their attention on killing me.

The next tip is another rather obvious one. The assault rifles lack of power makes melee attacks very powerful. It is the best way to win a one on one in halo. With practically any gun you can win with a well timed melee attack. When you melee is also very important. With the assault rifle there are two different ways you can do it successfully. The first would be when you run into somebody whether it’s coming up from a lift, spawning, somebody was crouching and you walk up to them, hit them right away. This is when you are within range for a melee attack. Why will this help you? Their shield is gone, completely gone. You barely need to shoot them before they die. Once you melee them jump up and away from them to finish them off without allowing them the chance to melee you. The other time to use the melee is after you’ve shot about half your clip into them and you are standing close to them. You will finish them off quicker when you get the timing right. The one or two extra bullets can decide it. Either they are too strong yet and you melee them and lose, or you have weakened them more than needed but they melee you dead first. It’s all timing. You’ll be better off dying having meleed them once and it not being enough than not hitting them soon enough.

If you can sneak up on somebody it’s very easy. You will get a head start on shooting which leads to a pretty easy victory. Just make sure you don’t get stuck by a last ditch effort. An experienced player knows when they are beat and will either flee to cover or throw a last random grenade. Keep a reasonable distance if possible.

Assault Rifles are important guns to learn, but if you can avoid using them you’ll be much better off. They are a rather weak gun, yet they are very popular in Halo 3. They weren’t in Halo 2, and they brought it back from Halo 1. If you are interested in guides for other guns check for my other posts as they come.


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