H3V Studios

You see H3V studios in my blogroll every time you visit this site. If you’ve never had the chance to check it out, I highly suggest you do. If you are interested in Halo, Call of Duty, Gears of War, or any other xbox game you will enjoy the discussions and tournaments for these games. If you are an editor you will enjoy the studio part of it. Some of the greatest montage and sig editors are active members here giving us the first looks at their newest works.

H3V is not only an online forum. By joining this site you can become friends with countless MLG players that are more than willing to go into customs with you. Maybe they will even find you good enough to start a team with you. It seems like there is always some type of MLG custom or BR Sniper custom game going on.

I’m an active member of the forum, and also a moderator. The forum was started by MLG player Metalic Dust and is thriving with contributions from MLG player. Your every post also gets you a step closer to obtaining some free microsoft points or free xbox live memberships. I will not get into that, but it is a plus to the site. Your posts will in the end benefit you in the form of xbox live time, or microsoft points.

If you’d like to sign up head on over to H3V Studios. I’m XM Satellite hit me up with a PM there and I’ll help get you into these amazing customs.


One Response to “H3V Studios”

  1. mm mmm mmmmetalic Says:

    yup..like he said..its amazing =)

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