Guide to Free Microsoft Points

If you haven’t read my previous guide on how to get free Microsoft Points then I highly suggest doing so. With all the traffic I’ve received to my site thanks to that previous post I plan to put a list here of some of the easier offers. Offers that can get you very close to your first prize in about 10 minutes if completed. These may not all still be offered when you read this, but look for them.

Just enter your email or other quick answer:

Alliance for Climate Protection 0.35

Predicto Mobile – Cell Submit (no pin, doesn’t need to be your cell) 0.35

RemedyLife 0.5

Popeyes Chicken Premium 0.4

Autumn Cookbook 0.5

$100 Red Lobster Gift Card 0.45

Free Hot Chocolate 0.35

XBox 360 Halo 0.6

COB: Target GC 0.25

BigWin: Laptop 0.3

That is a total of 4.05 points. There are many other offers you can complete to earn your free Microsoft Points. That is just a list of a few of the very simple 10 second offers that will get you some points. Please leave comments on this post with other simple offers where you just enter your email address so I can keep expanding this list. As I discover new easy offers I will continue to edit this list. So good luck getting your free Microsoft Points.


14 Responses to “Guide to Free Microsoft Points”

  1. bloggernoob Says:

    i love red lobster. nice list

  2. Megan Says:

    I am new to this site also new 2 Halo 3 but I want everything I can get to make Halo 3 better.

  3. john Says:

    Um i thought u email codes to us??

  4. scott Says:

    Thia is a good list.

  5. Loz Says:

    I need some points man

  6. david Says:

    i need some points man

  7. Deon Says:

    Dude i need some points free

  8. agagsd Says:

    I need some free points pls

  9. panchopilin Says:

    very nice

  10. 5e6 8w67 Says:

    the xbox man

  11. Derek Lafountain Says:

    I need some ms pionts can you help me.

  12. bryan Says:

    i am begging i really want the legendary map pack on halo

  13. ash Says:

    hey hosting a 10th prestige lobby 1400msp or 2100for 3 people

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