Ring of Death

The Red Ring of Death is not a plague, however many gamers are considering it one. The Ring of Death is when your Xbox 360’s power on button turns red, along with the first, second, and third players controller spots light up red as well. The Ring of Death is not a problem that is your fault and Microsoft is willing to fix it, for free!

How do you get the Ring of Death? The Ring of Death is thought to be a problem caused by your Xbox 360 overheating, and the faulty parts inside of it are ruined causing the Ring of Death. You noticed they stopped making the Core and Premium versions of the Xbox 360, this is why. If you have a Core or Premium Xbox 360 chances are you have or in the near future will encounter the Ring of Death.

There are rumors, that I have seen tested and actually work, of being able to fix it by overheating it. I mean completely frying the Xbox will make the Ring of Death go away. This is only a temporary fix that will last two weeks max. You are best sending it off to Microsoft to get it fixed.

That is all I have to say about the Ring of Death. I don’t care to explain how to fix it, because it is neither safe nor advised. All of you gamers out there with two year warranties and a Core or Premium Xbox 360, like me, hopefully this happens to you before your two year warranty wears out. You will get a new highly upgraded Xbox 360, and generally you will get to keep your hard drive and all other accessories for your broken Xbox 360.


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