Get Free Microsoft Points and Xbox Live Accounts

Get a free 1,600 Microsoft Points card just like this.

Get a free 1,600 Microsoft Points card just like this.

You want to extend your Xbox Live membership, create a second account or get Microsoft Points to spend in the Xbox Live Arcade. You can do all of the above, for free. It is a rather simple way of earning free Microsoft Points, or an Xbox Live Membership and only takes about thirty minutes to receive your prize.

First you need an account. Head on over to the Rewards website and sign up for your free account. I suggest creating a new free yahoo email just to use in the offers. This will divert the spam mail, and you’ll never have to deal with it again.

After you’ve got your account set up head over to the site and log in. Click on “offers start earning” then I suggest selecting “free offers”. Most of these offers a pretty easy to complete. All you have to do is enter your email and an address and you will be ready to go for most of them. Once you receive enough points you can order 4,000 free microsoft points, or if you only want 1,600, you can get 1,600 free microsoft points for less points. Also with the credits you earn a free one month gold xbox live card, and it keeps going up.

I have received many of these offers over the course of a month. I enjoy being able to simply fill out a few boxes and then receive my free microsoft points. You can get many other things here. You can even get games if you decide to save up enough. They aren’t too hard to get either. So simply sign up and start getting free microsoft points.

If you sign up for this don’t forget to check out the follow-up post including a list of a bunch of offers that only require an email address for you to be credited. It will get you closer to your free microsoft points.


226 Responses to “Get Free Microsoft Points and Xbox Live Accounts”

  1. Thrills Killa Says:

    Very Nice! I got my 1,600 free microsoft points very easily. Working on getting a 4,000 microsoft point card now.

  2. James Donovan Says:

    I’ve just received my code for 1,600 free microsoft points. Thanks for showing me this site because my free microsoft points are just in time for the new halo maps coming out in a few weeks.

  3. Joshua Pohl Says:

    That is pretty cool. I might have to look into that… 🙂

    Thanks for the comment by the way. 😀

  4. ERIC Says:


  5. J Says:

    Eric, they mail you big stuff, for codes such as microsoft points, they email it.

  6. connor Says:

    cheers for tht

  7. Steve Says:

    How do i get points, i did loads of surveys and my points are 0

  8. Jared Stenzel Says:

    I suggest checking out my “Guide to Free Microsoft Points” post. It shows a list of some of the easier offers. If you are still having troubles getting your free microsoft points you may want to check out the rewards1 forums for help with specific offers.

  9. modded Says:

    Ok as Jared said before there are offers that are somewhat “easier” and credit your account faster than others. If your going to go for more than 10 or 15 points I personally suggest using a program called robo-form. This will allow you to completely fill out the whole page of a survey with the click of a button=-). As you will see, you become more and more anxious to keep filling out surveys because you can fly through most of them in 3 minutes or less. The rewards1 forum can get pretty crazy, but don’t be shy we all come together and help everybody out that needs it. But there is a catch, if there is a whole thread on what your question is about, and you start a new one with the same question, we might get a little bit mad because you didnt try very hard. Thats all for now if you need help contact jared or myself or go to the forums, they are free and anyone can sign up. Enjoy Rewards1 you guys! They will buy you anything and they won’t let you down!

  10. mike Says:

    great stuff!!

  11. smelliercorn Says:

    do you get crap through the mail for submitting a survey because i dont want that all i want to do is get free microsoft points without postage hassle or any pop ups?

  12. Jared Stenzel Says:

    Just create a spam email account. It works fine.

  13. CODY Says:


  14. Derek Says:

    I completed some of the free offers, but it doesnt look like the rewards website can tell ive completed them, because i still have 0 points and 0 offers completed

  15. Jared Stenzel Says:

    Either you didn’t complete them correctly, or you have since been credited. Sometimes it takes a little while to get credited.

  16. Phil Says:

    I dont understand what i have to do because im german need help because i need free microsoftpoints and i hope you can help me

  17. Cam Says:

    Thanks for the help, but i noticed that someone mentioned robo-form for larger points. I wanted to know how to access it.

  18. Jared Stenzel Says:

    Robo-form is just a program that makes filling out surveys quicker. It automatically fills in certain areas of data. Check the forums for a link.

  19. grona Says:

    so do they send yu microft points to your email er what goes on…….like a code? plz message fast

  20. Callum Says:

    This sounds sweet, I haven’t got a job yet, so I don’t really get enough money to pay for MS Points or Live membership, so this seems like a good way to get stuff, but with cell phones, they would send it through the post, but would I have to pay for shipping and handling? Or do the sponsors pay for it?

  21. Jody Says:

    To bad i’m living in the netherlands -.-‘

  22. jordan Says:

    so wen u claim your prize of microsoft points do they send it threw the post

  23. Asiman Says:

    man do they email codes for the microsoft points

  24. Natanael Says:

    I really want some microsoft points to download maps all my friends play those maps and im the only one who doesnt i need 800 microsoft points because i cant buy microsoft points i dont have any money

  25. eric Says:

    i need to have some microsoft points only 2000

  26. jaybw408 Says:

    i need free microsoft pionts to buy the maps for call of duty 4

  27. HazyboyReppin Says:

    how do i get free microsoft points i need them for a certain thing on crackdown

    • SMXSatellite Says:

      You get them by going to the above site and completing the offers. Once you have enough points you can get your microsoft points sent to your email. Crackdowns a good game.

  28. --- Says:

    Do they send the codes to my emal or to my postbox?

  29. Andrew Says:

    They send the codes to your email.

  30. jimmy Says:

    i do not get how to do this

  31. chris Says:

    this is bull ive filled up 4 surveys and i only got 2.10 points this takes way to long

  32. ~~~ Says:

    great place =]

  33. >=] Says:

    How long would it take to get 4,000 points?

  34. lol Says:

    do they email you codes?

  35. sam Says:

    i need microsoft points for my zune alot of points and X-BOX 360 live

  36. De'Montre Williams Says:

    i want to get free microsoft points so may yall email me if I can get it

  37. De'Montre Says:

    i need some microsoft points formixbox 360

  38. Max Says:

    lol awsome i need points (4000 for new halo maps :-D) and like a 1 mouth

  39. andrew Says:

    The site looks easy enough. Not sure whether I want free xbox live or free microsoft points though.

  40. northernavenger Says:

    Got my free microsoft points through email within a week.

  41. deonta moore Says:

    I got free microsoft points!

  42. Tony Says:

    Man, i need tog et free microsoft points so i can buy my little brother a cool movie on Xbox live store, and to get a map pack for Call of Duty 4

  43. Ashley Says:

    mircosoft points needed to change name an download new map for cod waw could u please tell me how to get hold of them thanks

  44. ben murray-west Says:

    need points for cod:4 &cod5 map pack

  45. Bobby Says:

    Hey Thanks a lot just in time for cod5 maps

  46. CHASE Says:

    hey i relly need 1600 points for new cod5 maps plzz help me out just email me the code if u would:} thxx

  47. Please Says:

    can i please have 1600 microsoft points

  48. rafael Says:

    can i get 1600 microsoft points please..
    i want to buy the CoD4 map pack

  49. please Says:

    need 1600 microsoft points please

  50. o milezz o Says:

    i need 1600 microsoft points please

  51. XeRoTyTx Says:

    need 1600 microsoft points for cod 5 map pack

  52. alex Says:

    i need 850 points for cod5 please

  53. dephuzed Says:

    it works

  54. sam Says:

    this will get you points.

  55. george Says:

    can i get 1600 microsoft points please to get the halo 3 legendary map pack.

  56. ALFIE Says:


  57. ctrl312 Says:

    can you pleas give me 1600 microsoft points please. i need it for some songs in gh3 thanks.

  58. troy Says:

    yo i really need 1600 mircosoft points so i can get the halo 3 map pack please help me

  59. Jc Says:

    can i plz have 1600 ms points plz

  60. Ernie Says:

    i need 8000 microsoft points

  61. zach Says:

    plz give me 1600 ms points! moneys tight and i can’t get them.

  62. eman is pie 314 Says:

    please i need 5000 point to buy a couple games for my cousins he got out the hospital heart rate went down

  63. aaronj1336 Says:

    hi there can i have as many points you can give me please because i want to get the new-er cars on midnight club LA

  64. masemac Says:

    please can you give me 1600 points please i desperatly need them

  65. eman needs points Says:


  66. xxxSLsniperxxx Says:

    I need xbox live points. Can you send me some.

  67. stanman9494 Says:


  68. Adam Says:

    i need 5000 ms points for new maps on cod 5 cod 4 and halo 3 and a name change

  69. Joseph Says:
    i need microsoft point to change my name i need about 600 points because my friend found a way to change it to BoysXdoXme And im not gay so i need to change it

    • Outlaw Jessie Says:

      That’s funny – only cos it happened to someone else, I’d have beat 600 points out of him if he’d done it to me.

  70. Julian Says:

    I need mickrosoft points 1600 plz u own

  71. plushydustin117 Says:


  72. adam Says:

    hi my mum wont get me 1000 microsoft points so i am wondering if you will give me some

  73. sam Says:

    can i plz have 1600 free microsoft points cuz i r por and cant aford them

  74. paul Says:

    get mircosoft points cuz i need the funky fresh pack for sr1 and the bonus missions for sr2 please send them

  75. josh Says:

    plz plz plz give me 5000 gamer points i need plz

  76. PAUL Says:

    hi plz can i 1600 points to change my name plllzzz

  77. Baljit Says:

    I need points for call of duty 5 maps please can u give me some.

  78. scoli 150 Says:

    plz can i have 4000 poonts plz

  79. skinner Says:

    i need 12 gamer codes this the only thing i’m asking and i will never ask again if you give me the 12 codes just email them to me

  80. ben Says:

    can i have 8000 points plz

  81. James Says:

    Can I plz have 4000. Microsoft points

  82. Aidster Says:

    need 1600 microsoft points

  83. m Says:

    is this guy really giving all u people asking for points, microsoft points? cuz hell i want some too then

  84. 800 pls Says:

    Can I pls have 800 points. Send them to

  85. ruben Says:

    can i pls have 5,000 microsoft points

  86. justin Says:

    can i please get 5000 free microsoft points

  87. EDWIN Says:

    I need at least 800 free microsoft points.

  88. MR ATLANEAN Says:

    can you send me 1100 because i wanna change my name and i want the snowblind mappack name change = 850ç
    map pack =250ç

    that would be much aprieciated thank you

  89. marcelo Says:

    gostaria de ganhar microsoft pontos, como faço?

  90. Ben Says:

    Thanks, the site worked. Got my free microsoft points.

  91. owensy Says:

    hi will i be able 2 have 800 microsoft points 2 change my name

  92. elbia Says:

    hey i’m new to xbox live and i’m trying to get free points i can’t afford to buy any right now

    • LTNKidd Says:

      Then you’ve come to the right place. Just check out the link above and follow the steps described in the post. You’ll have your free xbox live and microsoft points in no time.

  93. LABsta Says:

    wuts the limit 4 free microsoft points? can i get 5000?

  94. Aaron Watson Says:

    I need some microsoft points. Something between 1,600-4,000. I doubt my mom will buy me any; as I’ve asked and haven’t gotten any. I’m not old enough to work else I would have already have gotten some with money. Please send them to me.

  95. acorn Says:

    is the site the one under the original post?

  96. Spencer Says:

    Need some xbl and 1600 microsoft! Me broke and poor! 800 pionts to change name and other 800 for map. I’m so desprite!

  97. Maca Says:

    I need free ponits for maps and change name cos everone taking mik i need about 5000 please

  98. nat Says:

    i need some micro points 800 only to change my name

  99. legendz Says:

    is it a problem if u live in the Netherlands ?

  100. legendz Says:

    and will the microsoft points be send to your home or to your email in a code ?

  101. joel Says:

    hopefully i can get 1600 ms points for the halo 3 maps because i rlly need em

  102. stupid Says:

    Yall are fucking annoying. quit being so goddamn lazy and earn the damn points you fucks. any idiot who gives these beggars points needs to be shot. thanks

  103. John Says:

    Can I please have 1400 points. i want to download halo combat evolved. Thanks

  104. reece culshaw Says:

    hi please can i have 1,600 micro pionts please im drying for them

  105. curt Says:

    can some one pls give me 1400 microsoft points pls i need dem asap thk u

  106. Alan Says:

    i need 1600 or 1400 please because i want to get the mithic maps for halo 3

    • LTNKidd Says:

      That shouldn’t be too hard for you to do. You can probably get 1,600 free microsoft points in an afternoon if you try.

  107. keaton Says:

    i need free ms points badly

  108. TaffJr Says:

    i reall y need some free ms points. i need to get 4000 points bcuz i need to change my name and get codwaw map packs. hopefully this works!!!

  109. sanfran666 Says:

    hi can i please have some pionts….
    really really need them…
    what can i do…

  110. ac Says:

    it works but i wish it was faster

  111. george Says:

    thank u

  112. amk Says:

    i need free microsoft points badly i need like 10000 so i’ll try this

  113. brandon Says:

    nice blog
    thanks for points

  114. stealthkiller0 Says:

    so do they just e-mail you the codes?

  115. bobby Says:

    i got a free 1600 microsoft points card today, it was really easy =D

  116. Liam Says:

    do i have to watch the video and do all that?

  117. D Carmine Says:

    Thnx now I Ken buy dark corners maps

  118. andrew collin Says:

    got my 2,000 free microsoft points today

  119. nathan eckersley Says:

    can i have 200 microsft points please so i can download the new call of duty map packs please !

  120. xavierkent Says:

    guys this shows u how to get free microsoft points so stop asking for some and go get some yourself

  121. iiViioLeNcEz Xx Says:

    could i have 800 microsoft points

  122. nath Says:

    can i have 1600 points please

  123. Ruben Says:

    vent waarom zulke moeilijke stappen als jullie ze tog weggeven zet dan gwn nu eeen paar codes op de site :S

  124. Ruben Says:

    ssend me 1 then now 1 cheat

  125. dom Says:


  126. Austin Says:

    Can I have 1600 please?

  127. russboy Says:

    how do i get the free points

  128. nathan Says:

    need to get freeponits for the new maps so can some one help me plz

  129. chazzie Says:

    i need 2000 microsoft points to get MODERN WARFARE 2 stimulus package(map pack=1200). and 800 to change my gamertag PLEASE GIVE ME 2000 MICROSOFT POINTS

  130. joe Says:

    can u send me 300ms points so i can download the stimulus map pack i allready have 900

  131. kane Says:

    well why don’t you change your name + i have none i need my microsoft points now cuz i am needing about 2100 for free if i don’t w will quit xbox live permently!

  132. moshay Says:

    can i have microsoft points please

  133. kalemkanu Says:

    hi i need 1700 points fore my xbox 360

  134. Jc2808 Says:

    Hello ,I need 800points microsoft my xbox live account or my address is jc2808 msn is
    please .

  135. brendan Says:

    i can really use 4000 microsoft points, Thanx

  136. hi Says:

    you guys suck!

  137. ferriis Says:

    i need 1000 microsoft points please

  138. XxBioShotzxX Says:

    i need 2000 ms point splz 4 my name and halo 3 map packs please!!!

  139. mr.ferris Says:

    i need 5000 ms points if i do get them it will be much appreiceted and thank you very much 🙂

  140. anth Says:

    can i have 1600 plezz

  141. A Guy Says:

    Do you have to give them your address? I just want them to e-mail me the x-box live points for completing surveys.

  142. ryan blue Says:

    i would like 800 live points

  143. kimberley Says:

    please could u give me a code for free micosoft points

  144. stewart muckley Says:

    can i pizz have ms ponts send them to need4speed1989

  145. Callum Says:

    send me 4000 msp please

  146. moseskeeper Says:

    Give me 4000 ms points please!!!!!

  147. Liam Says:

    Can I have 2100 to download all maps for Call Of Duty World At War that’s hwo much I need

  148. domi Says:

    hey i really need microsoft points plzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!1 i need for the new map pack zombie s and multiplayer for black ops soooooo i need it plz i need 2000 or more if u did i would love u but not in the homo way

  149. jon Says:

    HOw DO i SiGn Up

  150. pablo Says:

    hey can you pleaseeeeeee send me just 1200 i need it for te COD map pack please 😥

  151. ben Says:

    Mayte please can you send me 1600 i need it for the black ops maps thanks dude my gamertag

  152. HD SCARFACE144 Says:

    CAN I HAVE 1000 MS POINTS pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  153. SAMONFIRE113 Says:

    Can i have 1600 microsoftpoints plz and 3 mounths

  154. jake western Says:

    can i have 4200 please

  155. darryl boultone Says:

    2100 please for cod map packs if thats ok

  156. jarret Says:

    yo men please i need 10000 and i will give you 5 free XBOX360

  157. Its fake Says:

    I am using GetMyMicrosoftPoints(dot)com/?­i=119278 I have 4000 points from it for FREE no SURVEYS ! It’s free!

    Try it at


  158. jay Says:

    hapnin spme wun get me points

  159. james Says:

    can i ave 10000 msp plz thanks that be great really need them bad for map packs

  160. josh Says:

    i wont 4000 points

  161. cody Says:

    can i plzz have 4000 points

  162. Bryce Says:

    Can i plzz have 1600 for new black ops map pack gamertag is Bryceanator7

  163. callum Says:

    i need 1.500

  164. jayden burton Says:

    alrite microsoft is it ok to have 500 microsoft point as really want to buy a film many thanks if you can get back to me

  165. beastlysum Says:

    can i have 2600

  166. andrew Says:

    i only need 50 points how can i get them !

  167. bennyboy112 Says:

    can i have 5000400 pleaz

  168. callum Says:

    can i have 5000 please

  169. trey Says:

    4000 plz

  170. g Says:

    can you send me 4,000 please

  171. Sikdude Says:


  172. king rizla Says:

    2100 please

  173. lachlan w 1 Says:

    can i get free ms points plz if u do send an xbox live message with the ms points ode on it to lahlan w 1 if u do this i would like 4200 thanks

  174. stephen Says:

    i love my xbox i love for some mircopoints please

  175. mitch Says:

    can i have 800,1600,2100 or 4000 microsoft points please

  176. john Says:

    how long would it take for 4,000

  177. jay Says:

    I need some points

  178. taylor g tag nz marine x Says:

    nz marine x on xbox wants 8000 mp

  179. jake Says:

    can i have 2000 please

  180. Tyler Says:

    please send me 1600 please i want to get minecraft ill do anything!

  181. aymana xx Says:

    send me 4000 msp please

  182. Jalen Says:

    Hey would I be able to have some Microsoft points

  183. Jalen Says:

    4000 would be great

  184. alex Says:

    i want 400 points for black ops 2 plz can i have some

  185. alex Says:

    i need 4000 points asap plz

  186. ImSoda Says:

    Hello can i plzz have 4000 msp

  187. anthony Says:

    Please can I have 1600 Microsoft points

  188. jorge Says:

    ca i get 4000 peazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzze

  189. jorge Says:


  190. kian Says:

    Please can I have 6000 microsoft pionts asap please love ur web

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