Halo 3: Beat Down Update

The long corrupt beat down in Halo 3 has recently been updated. This update had previously caused much anger at the game, yet the bodies flying hundreds of feet after they were beat down was always a fun thing to watch. Here are some of the noticeable changes, and what they missed.

First of all, if you weren’t familiar with the old beat down system it was programmed to have the person with the most health automatically win. So if they got one extra assault rifle shot on you, you were the one who ended up dying. This led many to wonder why, they hit their opponent, yet they died. After getting beat down your body sometimes flew hundreds of feet, very unrealistically.

The update. The update was said to have fixed the beat down system so that it would be more fair to both sides. They made it so that unless there was a noticeable difference in health, any two melees done at the same time will cause both players to die. This is unbelievable. While you do get credit for a kill, there is no point in trading off deaths. As long as it was consistent before we could deal with a few crap calls. They got rid of the flying bodies which was nice.

This update was a waste of time. They didn’t fix the problem, but I don’t know any possible fix for it. The guns have set damage on their melee attacks so if your opponents hp is below that and you perform the beat down they should die. If both players are below that kill the one who would be put negative the most hp, and leave the other guy standing with one shot left on his life.

How could it be fixed? Do you like the current system, the old one, halo 2’s, or halo 1’s beat down system? Why do you like it, or what would be the ideal beat down system.


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