Halo 3 Big Team Battle Goes Ranked

Today Bungie officially made Big Team Battle a ranked game type for xbox live users. It has been the most talked about topic as of late amongst the gamer community. We all knew it was coming, and it did.

Why is this so special, we’ve been playing it in social slayer since the release? The game types are still mostly slayer with the random bomb and capture the flag games thrown in however this is the first game type in the ranked match to fully utilize the larger maps as they were meant to be used. Also instead of having the largest party being 4 in ranked matches you can now be in a party of up to 8 people and still go into a ranked game.

You’ll be best off getting your rank up as soon as possible. Towards the beginning there are still noobs playing in the level 20’s so if you get it up now you’ll have easier opponents. I’d say this advantage will last until late Sunday so get playing.

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One Response to “Halo 3 Big Team Battle Goes Ranked”

  1. joe Says:

    Except I for one believe big team battle (WITH guests) was the only thing fun about Halo. It boggles my mind why they got rid of it.

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