First Week Success

Well it has officially been a week since I started this blog and I am already rather high up on many google keywords that are of a rather large size. I’m 3rd on a few words that have 800,000+ results. I have been receiving about 20 views a day most days, and then today I have received 50 views. This may seem rather low to you, but 50 people read my content the first week it was out. I have a rather small amount of content. If I were to be able to capture their attention to my other articles after they read one I just might have a few loyal readers.

I am actually rather disappointed. I had hoped to have at least one person message me regarding the ability to post on here. There are so many things happening in the gamer world these days and I will have a hard time covering these. That being said I will try to cover the basic large articles myself until I get an offer.

How long to I release the actual LTN Gamers website? I am going to aim for having the actual base site up by February 28th, and fully operational on it’s own domain by March 25th.

Until then, enjoy my posts.


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