Get Free Temporary Xbox Live Accounts

So you have a friend coming over to your house and you guys want to play some ranked halo games or any other game that requires two xbox live gold memberships. If your friend doesn’t have an account they can get a free xbox live account that lasts 48 hours. This guide will help you set it up. Enjoy

First you will need a temporary email address so head on over to Guerilla Mail to get an email address that will last 15 minutes. Once you click “get temporary email”, copy and paste the email, and head on to the next step of this guide.

Once you have the temporary fake email head over to the Tropicana Twister Site and copy that email in as your email address. Fill in a fake screen name, and any password. You can get a free access code which will always be AA4XPN3. Enter this as your code, it will not be a winner so your consolation is a 48 hour account. You simply enter the code on the account you want to have the gold trial and you’re finished.

You can do this as often as you want, provided you keep using a free email address. Just repeat the steps whenever you want a new trial and you are good to go. The offer isn’t ending anytime soon so this deal will still be valid for a good year or two after the post. If you have any troubles getting the code onto an account leave a comment.


4 Responses to “Get Free Temporary Xbox Live Accounts”

  1. epicXXXdude Says:

    this actually works its amazing!!!

  2. Crimson Says:

    This no work no more, any new tricks?

  3. grant Says:

    Just got my free microsoft points, thanks for showing me the site!

  4. stephen Says:

    i will love a free mircopoints for my xbox 360

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