Xbox Live Crashes During Free Download

Over Christmas there was an extreme lag on all of Xbox Live, at times so bad that you could not play. Many gamers across the country actually sued Microsoft for the mistake because when we purchased the Xbox Live Gold Membership we are promised certain things and Microsoft broke the terms. To make amends to those of us who did not go as far out as suing them they said that in the near future there would be a free download on Xbox Live.

That day was today, January 23rd, however Xbox Live crashes, again. When will Microsoft learn that in order to keep up with the current amount of members it must upgrade all of their servers and add more to them. I can only wonder what Microsoft can and will do to amend this big mistake. Did they not expect a mad rush to downloading the game they offered us? Just give us 1000 Microsoft Points each and we’ll be fine. I’ll keep you posted on any announcements by Microsoft in the next couple days.


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