CoD4 Bests Halo 3 in Most Players

The week of January 14th CoD4 beat Halo 3 in the most gamers playing online. This was rather surprising to many as it took years for Halo 2 to get kicked off of their throne. An original Xbox game beat every Xbox 360 game until Gears of War. Now will all of Halo 3’s disappointments, flaws, and glitches Call of Duty 4 has taken over as the king of games. For a week that is. What does Bungie need to do to turn this around? My personal thoughts are re-introduce all of the Halo 2 maps, for free, and to fix the melee system that angers many. Who knows, maybe this was just a bad week, or maybe Call of Duty 4 has successfully ousted Halo 3 from the number one spot. The weeks ahead will answer these questions.


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