1337 Gamers

So you’ve referred to yourself or others as a 1337 gamer before? Do you actually know where the term “1337” came from though? Most people whether noob gamers or computer geeks can figure out it stands for leet, or elite. While that is true, there is a background to it and to call yourself 1337 you should know the history of it.

It started out as being 31337 as the UDP port used by the Dead Cow Cult, a hacking group, to access Windows 95 using Back Orific. Back Orifice is a very famous hacking program.

It started out as being a hacker term, and has since moved to video games. The meaning of it in video games is more just a way to say that they are a really good player. It sounds better than saying somebody is amazing at a game. It is pretty much bad practice to call yourself 1337 as you only sound newbie.


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