Halo 3 Big Team Battle Goes Ranked

Today Bungie officially made Big Team Battle a ranked game type for xbox live users. It has been the most talked about topic as of late amongst the gamer community. We all knew it was coming, and it did.

Why is this so special, we’ve been playing it in social slayer since the release? The game types are still mostly slayer with the random bomb and capture the flag games thrown in however this is the first game type in the ranked match to fully utilize the larger maps as they were meant to be used. Also instead of having the largest party being 4 in ranked matches you can now be in a party of up to 8 people and still go into a ranked game.

You’ll be best off getting your rank up as soon as possible. Towards the beginning there are still noobs playing in the level 20’s so if you get it up now you’ll have easier opponents. I’d say this advantage will last until late Sunday so get playing.

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Game Critics Game of the Year Award

 The first annual Game of the Year awards by the judges of the Game Critics awards has just been announced. As this is the first annual you may not know who chose these games. Here is a list of the 36 media groups included in the decision.

USA Today, Newsweek, TIME, Entertainment, WIRED, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, San Jose Mercury News, Game Informer, EGM, Game Pro, PC Gamer, Games for Windows, Play Magazine, Xbox, Popular Science, PSM, Business 2.0, MTV, 1UP Network, Gamespot, Gamespy, IGN, Kotaku, Games Radar, The Reporter, Game Invasion, Game Daily, Game Herd, Yahoo! Games, G4, The Electric Playground, UGO, GT, and Gannett

The list was compiled of games that were released in 2007, so Gears of War, Halo 2, and WoW were ruled out of this one. This is their list of the top 10 games started off with Bioshock.

Top 10 Games of 2007:

  1. BioShock
  2. The Orange Box
  3. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
  4. Rock Band
  5. Super Mario Galaxy
  6. Halo 3
  7. Mass Effect
  8. God of War II
  9. Assassin’s Creed
  10. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

Game of the Year breakdown by platform:

Xbox 360: 7
PlayStation 3: 5
PC: 3
Wii: 1
PlayStation 2: 1

Game of the Year breakdown by publisher:

Microsoft Game Studios: 2
Sony Computer Entertainment: 2
EAP (Valve, MTV Games/Harmonix): 2
2K Games: 1
Activision: 1
Nintendo: 1
Ubisoft: 1

2008: Year of Gamers?

    A year farther ahead in the gaming industry and what will we have to show for it? Is there even a remote chance that 2008 will come close to the ongoing battles over the 2007 year? In my mind no, there isn’t.

2007 started off with three main games being played. Rainbow 6 Vegas, Gears of War, and Halo 2. You couldn’t beat these games, it was either join them, or play without your friends on xbox live. Gears of War and Halo 2 continued their extreme popularity right up to the release of Halo 3. This meant we were fully satisfied with these games until Halo 3 came out. Although in many peoples opinion it was and is all hype Halo 3 was a strong game in 2007. Its dominance lasted a few weeks before Call of Duty 4, a less flawed game, came out introducing many new elements to the industry. The ability for characters to be different, have more or less powerful guns based upon experience, and many other things. These are just the big games of 2007, I’m not even getting started on games like WoW, Madden, and Splinter Cell as 2007 would be the majority of this post.

Yes, it is a depressing thought, another year gone by and all these great games we were so psyched for are now released and many of them buried in the past. Gears of War will never regain its old glory. There are a few games we can look forward to in 2008 though.

The delayed release of Grant Theft Auto IV may have been a strategic move. Although Rockstar Games would never admit the delay was probably not needed, it was very smart. It would have launched a few weeks before Halo 3. You will see this game hit the shelves on April 29th 2008. It is sure to be the best of the series so far. It will also be the first to hit the Xbox 360. With the improved graphics of both the PS3 and Xbox 360 you can expect it to have some of the best graphics out there. It will be a good chance compared to all of the Saints Row and Orange Box poor shooting control. This to me is a rent but if you really want to buy a game in early 2008 this would be the one.

We have the Super Smash Brothers Crash for the Wii on March 9th. After the original two smash brothers video games you can expect this one to be a great game. In my personal opinion from what I’ve read so far they may have made to many poor additions, but that will not be shown until the games release. You can plug in a Nintendo Gamecube Controller instead of using the nunchuck.

Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 is also set to release on March 11th 2008. This may collide a bit with the Smash Brothers game but not too much. This game is more of a teenager one, while the other is more of a younger kid game with a few leftover fans from the original series of them. This is probably the game of the year. I don’t think it will beat WoW, but game of the year, released in the year. It has many upgrades since the older version to make the game play even better. If you liked the first one you should buy this, if you haven’t ever played any of the Tom Clancy games I suggest you check this one out.

The last big game of early 2008 will be Battlefield: Bad Company. It is set to release June 3rd, just in time for the first week of school summer breaks. After the thousands of loyal gamers from Battlefield 2 switch this game will start off strong. However from my experience with the game it is not the greatest. The combat system is very weak compared to that of Halo and Call of Duty standards. This game will bring many new elements into the FPS industry that you will see in other games as well.

Obviously I couldn’t cover every game. Some honorable mentions are Command and Conquer 3, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Resident Evil 5, and Tomb Raider: Underworld.

CoD4 Top Video Game of 2007

Activision’s Call of Duty 4: Modern Warefare has been announced as the winner of the top-selling video game title across all platforms for 2007. There was nothing close as they were exclusives.

Halo 3 you’re thinking had to have beaten it right? It had sold over one million copies before the game had released! Well this was a great feat,but what really hurt Bungie was that it is a Microsoft exclusive game. This may be the reason Bungie has left Microsoft, although they lose the rights to Halo. It sold a total of 4.82 million copies in 2007.

Then you have the big game for the Wii, Wii Play. Selling 4.12 million copies makes you wonder does Nintendo have to put any effort into it’s games to sell them? This is a rather comical game for those of you that don’t know. You get to play a bunch of mini games. That’s not exactly what I’m complaining about. I’m saying the graphics are horrible yet people keep buying them. This was an obvious knock-off of their Wii Sports title which to say the least was fun, yet again a low quality game.

How many copies of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warefare were sold then? They reported selling just over 7 million copies across all of the platforms. Retailing at between 50-60 dollars each that is quite a lot of money. Don not expect the CoD4 franchise to end anytime soon as it is the best realistic war game on the market.

What do we have in store for us in 2008? Just wait and see, or you could read my article on up and coming 2008.

First Week Success

Well it has officially been a week since I started this blog and I am already rather high up on many google keywords that are of a rather large size. I’m 3rd on a few words that have 800,000+ results. I have been receiving about 20 views a day most days, and then today I have received 50 views. This may seem rather low to you, but 50 people read my content the first week it was out. I have a rather small amount of content. If I were to be able to capture their attention to my other articles after they read one I just might have a few loyal readers.

I am actually rather disappointed. I had hoped to have at least one person message me regarding the ability to post on here. There are so many things happening in the gamer world these days and I will have a hard time covering these. That being said I will try to cover the basic large articles myself until I get an offer.

How long to I release the actual LTN Gamers website? I am going to aim for having the actual base site up by February 28th, and fully operational on it’s own domain by March 25th.

Until then, enjoy my posts.

Super Smash Brothers Brawl

The highly anticipated Nintendo Wii game, Super Smash Brothers Brawl is expected to be released March 9th. You may think that the game would be rather hard to control, but remember the Wii’s are compatible with Gamecube Controllers, so just plug it in and play with the controller.

The reason for this article is I have discovered a leaked list of the characters you will be able to use in the game. If you visit the Super Smash Brothers website you can read about some of the newest features included in the game. Okay enough talk about the game, the characters.

Click on the photo to get a bigger picture.

Super Smash Brothers Crash

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Get Free Temporary Xbox Live Accounts

So you have a friend coming over to your house and you guys want to play some ranked halo games or any other game that requires two xbox live gold memberships. If your friend doesn’t have an account they can get a free xbox live account that lasts 48 hours. This guide will help you set it up. Enjoy

First you will need a temporary email address so head on over to Guerilla Mail to get an email address that will last 15 minutes. Once you click “get temporary email”, copy and paste the email, and head on to the next step of this guide.

Once you have the temporary fake email head over to the Tropicana Twister Site and copy that email in as your email address. Fill in a fake screen name, and any password. You can get a free access code which will always be AA4XPN3. Enter this as your code, it will not be a winner so your consolation is a 48 hour account. You simply enter the code on the account you want to have the gold trial and you’re finished.

You can do this as often as you want, provided you keep using a free email address. Just repeat the steps whenever you want a new trial and you are good to go. The offer isn’t ending anytime soon so this deal will still be valid for a good year or two after the post. If you have any troubles getting the code onto an account leave a comment.